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Richard Rhodes: Twilight of the Bombs

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Soylent Avatar
Posted: 04.14.11, 10:05 AM
He's either lying or ignorant of what happened at Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The nuclear winter studies he sites extrapolate from Hiroshima firestorm data, ignore Nagasaki and don't acknowledge the fact that neither are anything remotely similar to a modern city. Hiroshima was made primarily of densely stacked wooden housing units furnished with paper screens. Hiroshima hadn't seen rain for 27 days. Cooking was done with coal-fired braziers and the bomb was deliberately dropped at breakfast time to capitalize on this fact. The few fires that were started by the blast did not start in the wood of the housing units; they started in paper screens that had direct line of sight to the fireball. Most fires were started by the blast, which knocked over coal-braziers. 5 minutes after the bomb was dropped, there were a lot of flattened buildings, but no raging inferno. The fire grew and spread and eventually peaked after an estimated 2-3 hours. Nagasaki had only had 10 days since last rainfall, the city was a slightly more fanned out geometry and the bomb was dropped at lunch time. Result: No fire storm. You just cannot get nuclear winter without fire storms. That's why the Kuwait oil fires failed to produce a nuclear winter, as some people had predicted they might. The plumes didn't join up into one giant slug of hot air, instead they rose and cooled quite quickly, never lofting soot all the way up where it needs to be. Modern houses, even when their exterior is made of wood, contains several tonnes of gypsum, mineral wool and other materials that do not sustain fire very well. There are no coal-braziers. There are no paper screens. Some fires would start in leaf piles, some in thin curtains and newspapers with line-of-sight to the fireball. But these firestorms covering hundreds of square kilometers from a single bomb is a complete fantasy. It's true that thermal radiation scales better with yield than blast and ionizing radiation(which are attenuated not only by distance, but by interaction with air), but it takes much longer for a big device to deliver that thermal energy. Where as it takes 6 calories/cm^2 to ignite newspaper with heat radiation from a 100 kt bomb, it takes 9 from a 1 MT bomb and 25 from a 10 MT bomb.
NotTheStatusQuo Avatar
Posted: 10.24.10, 02:26 PM
@ 30:00 he says eight megatons. Its 800MT, not eight. 8000 * 100KT = 800,000KT or 800MT.
Posted: 10.23.10, 08:49 PM
Pakistan has been given 1.5 Billion U.S.Dollars every year for the next 7 years. 10.5 Billion Total to try and buy their love for America. Yet they top the list of Countries who Hate America. They will divide that money amongst their War Lords to then spend on buying better counter measures to our current counter measures to blow up our troops and our allies troops. They also love to hide our worst eneimies like Osama Bin Laden. Not to mention the support the Taliban gives to anyone who hates America. So I think America and the rest of the World would survive a Nuclear Exchange between them and India who has also always been luke warm in it's suppor of America. Millions of Indias people hate America too. So let them Incinerate each other. It will reduce the danger for everyone else!
theknopfknows Avatar
Posted: 10.21.10, 08:35 AM
Eric you must be on another subject we are not here talking about Islam. Back to Dr. Rhodes and nuclear bombs. In 1949 Einstein, Albert Schweitzer and Bertrand Russell Lobbied in the USA to stop Nuclear Testing. Albert said I do not know how the third world war will be fought, But I can tell you, what they will be using in the fourth-ROCKS!Days before Einsteins death in 1955 he sighned the Einstein-Russell manifesto to stop nuclear testing. Einstein and Russell and Schweitzer were accused of spreading communism by the USA Senate. The USA is most guilty of nuclear abuse! THIS HAS TO STOP NOW! I would like to know the amount of testing from 1999 to 2010, This should take us to 3ooo testings since 1945. What a waste of MONEY and scientific energy. We are Still a fear based society, Shameful. As for Erics comment, please get on the same page, thank you fora tv.
Eric25001 Avatar
Posted: 10.21.10, 01:51 AM
When He understood that the water of the Yamuna was being polluted by the black serpent Kaliya, Lord Krsna took action against him and made him leave the Yamuna and go elsewhere, and thus the water became purified. If Islam is considered to be like Kaliya in the Hindu mind then the result may be an India and Pakistan war. Wahhabi belief is no less tolerant Wahhabi theology treats the Qur'an and Hadith as the only fundamental and authoritative texts. Commentaries and "the examples of the early Muslim community (Ummah) and the four Rightly Guided Caliphs (632-661 C.E.)" are used to support these texts but are not considered independently authoritative.[19] Ibn Abd-al-Wahhab further explains in his book Kitab al-Tawhid (which draws on material from the Qur'an and the narrations of the prophet) that worship in Islam includes conventional acts of worship such as the five daily prayers; fasting; Dua (supplication); Istia'dha (seeking protection or refuge); Ist'ana (seeking help), and Istigatha (seeking benefits). Therefore, making dua to anyone or anything other than Allah, or seeking supernatural help and protection that is only befitting of a divine being from something other than Allah are acts of "shirk" and contradict Tawhid. Ibn Abd-al-Wahhab further explains that Prophet Muhammad during his lifetime tried his utmost to identify and repudiate all actions that violated these principles.
theknopfknows Avatar
Posted: 10.20.10, 09:41 PM
Thank you Fora TV very very good lecture, I learned how much I knew, I learned how much I forgot, growing up with nukes. Iam at loss with words,therefore I will refer to Albert Einstein september 20 1952, published in Japanese magazine, Kaizo Tokyo. My part in producing the atomic bomb consisted in a single act, I signed a letter to President Roosevelt.....He goes on to say, I was fully aware of the terrible danger to mankind in case this attempt succeeded. But the likelihood that the Germans were working on the same problem with a chance of succeeding forced me to this step. I could do nothing else although I have always been a convinced pacifist. To my mind, to kill in war is not a whit better thaqn to ordinary murder. Albert ends with, Only if we overcome the obsession can we really turn our attention in a reasonable way to the real political problem, which is,HOW CAN WE CONTRIBUTE TO MAKE THE LIFE OF A MAN ON THIS DIMINISHING EARTH MORE SECURE AND MORE TOLERABLE? THANK YOU ALBERTAND THANK YOU MR. RHODES.
Dmitry76 Avatar
Posted: 10.18.10, 03:31 AM
I hope that it will never happen...
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