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Markos Moulitsas: American Taliban

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jdshelby Avatar
Posted: 10.18.10, 01:13 PM
If you genuinely believe that fetuses are people from the moment of conception, then it is only rational and consistent to insist that victims of incest and rape should have the children, not abort them. That isn't crazy -- it's consistent. It is inconsistent to say that abortion is murder on the one hand, and then to maintain that exceptions should exist for victims of rape or incest. In this sense, the right wing position (it may or may not be wrong, that's not the point of this post)is actually much more coherent than the moderate one that gives out exceptions. Mice with fully functional human brains on the other hand, totally irrational. Just sayin.
paulsoliver Avatar
Posted: 10.01.10, 10:34 AM
I think there are a few posters here that need to do some extensive travel - and I do not mean europe or some other trendy locations. Does anyone here worry that they will be arrested for the simple act of walking side by side out in public with a member of the opposite sex - just because you are not a married couple? Something so trivial as this will get the both of you in a lot of hot water. So there are similarities I will grant that, sort of like that of a struck match having a flame at the end of it, and a raging forest fire. Both are hot and will burn, it is merely a matter of severity that separates the two, and yet to compare the one with the other is a gross exaggeration.
Peter V Block Avatar
Peter V Block
Posted: 09.29.10, 04:51 PM
I would just like to point out that in the book, he isn't saying that all conservatives are "american taliban", but what he (and I) consider the more extreme nuts. He even pays props to quite a few republicans in the book. If we can step back and look at what he is saying though, radicals from the U.S. and the middle east do share similarities toward war, religious intolerance, sex and so on.
LucyDaily Avatar
Posted: 09.29.10, 02:49 PM
He is 100% correct, they are no different from the Taliban because if they were ever allowed to have their way, they would be hanging gays, forcing women to stay home and raise 20 kids, start wars all over the world, have 95% of America in dire poverty while they preached and begged for donation for the poor but spent it all on HUGE churches and drove around in BMWs. The only thing that has kept them from killing more people is the liberals fighting every step of the way. The only thing that has kept them from taking away all human rights is liberals keeping them in check. Stack up the stories of the crazy things they have said so far and you get an idea of just how much they hate humanity, they think they have been given a mandate by god to force everyone into their bronze age model of Christian extremism. Sharon Angle said that rape victims should make lemon aid out out of being raped. Another one said he would force little girls who got pregnant from rape or incest to have the child. Christine O'Donnell, said that she would stop all stem cell research because there are mice with human brains and she says evolution is a myth, Sarah Palin cares nothing about education, she barely has any at all and she let two of her kids drop out of high school.... these people are are not fit to be dog catcher much less senators. I wish they would submit to an IQ test, it would be interesting to see just how dumb they are.
paulsoliver Avatar
Posted: 09.29.10, 08:32 AM
I consider myself socially extremely liberal, yet fiscally conservative and I must state that I disagree with the comparison made by Mr. Markos Moulitsas and his assertion that the Conservative Christian is anything even remotely similar to that of the Taliban (I myself am Athiest/Agnostic). If you look at the US of the 1950's and as conservative as it was at that time, you must agree that this sector of the US populace is/was at least liberal enough to allow for the progressive movement of the US to come as far as it has. I acknowledge that there are violent people out there on the right, as there are also violent people on the left. My career allows me to travel all over the world (30+ countries) and I have lived in Muslim countries as a civilian - I would never feel safe living my lifestyle openly in many of these places.
rrsprague Avatar
Posted: 09.27.10, 05:30 PM
This Markos message and his broad-brush generalizations don't serve him or this channel well. His views take fringe to a whole new border...
Lary9 Avatar
Posted: 09.26.10, 01:11 PM
I'm familiar with Markos and The Daily Kos, but I'm not sure that public speaking is one of his strengths. He comes off like a precocious high school student in the PoliSci Club. But I agree with his thesis about the imminent infringement of the far out far right on American culture. It all goes to support one of my own idiosyncratic fringe views---we should've let the South secede 150 years ago. Think about how much further along the Union would be today. gives me goosebumps to think of it.
Baughwc Avatar
Posted: 09.26.10, 10:50 AM
My sister died in an abortion clinic bombing you sick fuck. It's religious moderates like you (of all religions) that endlessly apologize, and provide cover for, the actions of their extremist representatives. And I'll tell my gay friend who got his teeth knocked out during a trip through the south that his persecution wasn't at all motivated by a religious belief. He'll be quite relived.
Mighty Little Avatar
Mighty Little
Posted: 09.26.10, 09:38 AM
@ Dallas1: lol, you're like a poster-boy for Mr. Moulitsas's book. Did you even read it or watch this video? You've clearly missed the point.
Dallas1 Avatar
Posted: 09.24.10, 08:06 AM
Oh those violent Christians, stoning women to death for breaking rules, hanging gays from cranes, weekly beheadings, it's just awful! The Left is determined to surrender to Islamic theocracy. The have elevated Islam to special status - the brainwashing of children in schools championing Islam, prosecuting anyone who burns a special book (Koran), generally cowering before the threats of the Islamists by calling it "tolerance". If we continue like Europe, Leftist-weighted with no real balance with the self-hate and refusal to assert our own culture and the belief that all cultures are equally valid in our society, we certainly will lose the freedoms which have been the hallmark of Western society since the Enlightenment. Europe now has several leading politicians facing prosecution for merely speaking the truth. This guy displays an arrogance by his mockery of Christians, as imperfect as they are. Christianity HAS reformed beyond the barbarian intolerance of the Taliban, and while fundamentalist Christians can get a little extreme, this guy is twisting reality when he argues them as equivalent to Taliban - that is a complete lie. The fact is - the West had better assert itself as a society which was formed by Judeo-Christian values, and while we are pretty secular, our egalitarian laws which made it even possible to have a Left are because of the influence of these values. Unfortunately Leftism carries it to an extreme, where the medicine becomes the disease. We will not surrender, despite too many, like Markos, in our society are willfully blind to the clearly stated goals of the Islamists. It's not naivety, it's deep Marxism which is determined to bring down Western society, despite them being a coddled product of it. Markos would do well to live for a while in Saudi, or Iran, or Algeria, or Sudan. And no... bringing down the shakers and doers in society (the "rich") will not improve the lot of the poor. We are adults who are empowered to run our own lives in liberty and will never wish for the leftist dream of a nanny government to micro-manage our lives and take us back to childlike dependency.

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