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Norman Doidge: The Neuroplasticity Revolution (An Update)

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Gianna Scarpello Avatar
Gianna Scarpello
Posted: 06.15.11, 11:44 AM
you need a grammar lesson: they are different not differently .... how DID they find out? not how they found out? we all make mistakes....
Young Jae Lee Avatar
Young Jae Lee
Posted: 11.18.10, 03:37 PM
To those who haven't read articles or books much on the new findings in the field of neuroscience, this talk might not be convincing. However, Norman Doidge's talk is based on and supported by many neuroscientists' recent reserach work.
Momen Avatar
Posted: 11.12.10, 08:33 PM
I am appalled by many mistakes in this talk. (a) He says Russian revolution took a century? This guy needs a history lesson. (b) He says Electricity (specifically Electro-mechanical aspects) as still work in progress. In fact, electro-mechanical aspect is one of the best known in realm of engineering and physics. This guy needs a lesson from physics. (b)He stressed how Westerners brains are differently from Asians. How he found out? From few Asian graduate students....He was inferring something about very diverse Asian populations from study of few Asian graduate students!!! I'd be happy had he simply stated findings from that particular study but it was absolute mistake to infer for entire population from extremely low sample value. This guy needs a lesson from statistics. In fact, the last mistake is very dangerous!! This talk was an absolute waste of time for me.