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Mary Roach: Packing for Mars

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Commonwealth Club of California

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Kondrasky Alejandro Avatar
Kondrasky Alejandro
Posted: 09.21.10, 10:00 PM
You are your own dog!!! XD
Kondrasky Alejandro Avatar
Kondrasky Alejandro
Posted: 09.21.10, 09:20 PM
About the talking delay... did no one read it Issac Asimov story about the old ladys tea talk system ? It would work very well as is work really well when we use msn or any other chat system in which we talk about 3 or 4 things at the same time with the same person but the respons are flowing in different time moments because we are doing other stuff or talking to other people.
JulianHt Avatar
Posted: 09.02.10, 06:57 AM
Why waste all this money on useless space travel when there are so many poor, hungry and homeless people on earth. Future generations will ask why we didn't care about those people or the environment.
gocanuckzgo Avatar
Posted: 08.22.10, 12:34 AM
Maj, how much do you think the governments of the world spend on their respective space programs? Take NASA for example. Compare NASA's budget with the Military budget. Its pathetic how little is spent on the space program. NASA - 20 billion, Military - 685 billion. So before you criticize NASA criticize the military, constantly building and dismantling nukes, building new fighter planes when the old ones function just fine etc... This is the kind of stuff to criticize, not NASA.
Maj_Majestik Avatar
Posted: 08.21.10, 12:56 AM
Our precious planet is changing in ways that will not make life on Earth very pleasant for humans...or other living things. To care about going to Mars right now, seems stupid and a distraction from the issues we face. Have scientists and budgets to reforest the planet and develop alternative energies, just solve some very immediate problems on this once Beautiful Blue Planet.

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