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Mary Nichols: Powering the Future

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Posted: 09.04.10, 09:03 PM
We can get off most fossil fuels within 20-30 years if we put a concerted effort into solar, wind, fuel cells, electric cars, algae biofuels, and new nuclear technologies. We also need a new national smart power grid to move electricity. We can use a carbon tax on fossil fuels to pay for it, and it'll provide millions of JOBS that can't be exported. Europe & China are ALREADY doing this and America will lose out in future green energy technologies, if we don't. We owe it to our grandchildren. Some new fuel cells & wind are ALREADY competitive. Solar will be economically competitive within 5 years. However, we need to build a SMART power grid to get wind power from Midwest farms to the cities, and so we can put solar panels on our roofs and sell unused power back to the grid. New algae biofuels can suck up CO2 coming out of fossil fuel plants & I just read about a new nanotechnology battery made from PAPER. Stop oil subsidies. We must wrest Congress from the oil & gas lobbies!
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