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Nomad: From Islam to America with Ayaan Hirsi Ali

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Dallas1 Avatar
Posted: 12.17.10, 12:51 PM
The last question presented to Ayaan and the applause it garnered is a very disturbing illustration of the determination of the secular West to hand our civilization over to radical Islam without a fight. 100 years of leftist brainwashing has made our society easy pickings for Islamism, as affirmed by Ayaan... they are winning, only because we are enabling them to win. We in Western society had better think this through, get clear about the following or we have already lost this war: Apologizing for our own belief system, exaggerating all that's wrong with Judeo-Christianity, implying some sort of equivalence of Western view of life with the alien beliefs of Islamist thinking, belies firstly a deep and disturbing hatred of who we are, secular or Christian,(the secularists' beliefs are outgrowths of Christianity, like it or not), and secondly, an incredibly strong and naive belief that Islamic Sharia law is somehow equivalent and equally valid to our society's values. Let's reaffirm who we are, what our society has achieved, and the need to work to protect and improve our social and moral systems and the realization of individual empowerment. These values did not evolve by accident. From the roots in Judeo-Christian, Greek and Roman law, the Magna Carta, to the Enlightenment, to the example to the world of the American Constitution and the Parliamentary democratic systems of the West, and even to the concept of nationalism (roots are important too), these are what make Western civilization what it is, and are worth protecting as our previous generations have. It's time both the apathetic and the self-hating fifth columns within our ranks do some deep soul-searching as to why they are so eager to undermine our society's foundations. Perhaps to venture beyond the city limits of the home town for a visit to Ayaan's Somalia or Sudan would open a few eyes. Then again, many of us are beyond hope. Brainwashing runs deep.

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