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Jesse Schell: Visions of the Gamepocalypse

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johnmclear Avatar
Posted: 08.22.10, 09:53 AM
We already have the database and hardware infrastructure available to society. Just a few weeks ago an app called Classdroid was published to the android market that allows teachers to give micro rewards to pupils online to a system called XPArena. A lot of the tech is in development but it is accessible even at this early(alpha) stage.
johnmclear Avatar
Posted: 08.22.10, 07:53 AM
Freaking AWESOME presentation Jesse! I was hooked to your concept after Dice and we started up a project to give schools the ability to start using game based micro rewards. We already ran a huge gaming website so we ticked all the boxes! I have put together 5 or so similar/related videos including my concept piece here: Enjoy!
marcomauas Avatar
Posted: 08.18.10, 05:25 AM
I found Dmitry's observation very opportune and precise. Choice --as in "Minority Report" is out of the fiction, out of the game. "Probability theory"--said once Poincare--stops in the precise moment the dice are in the air." You choose when and in which circumstances you throw them.
Mishka1 Avatar
Posted: 08.15.10, 04:56 PM
Yeah, we have the sensors, but setting up the database systems and hardware infrastructure to have his future scenario come to fruition may take another few generations. Also, people constantly make choices of how much to commercialize themselves everyday. Societal norms would have to change quickly for this to be accepted. People I know are already mad enough about the grocery cards.
Juan Cerda Avatar
Juan Cerda
Posted: 08.11.10, 06:26 PM
I'd love to have THAT guy as my boss... Really interesting Talk..
Fora2 Avatar
Posted: 08.11.10, 04:09 PM
Not into "gaming" but loved the "Pixel" short (except the end, which was a little inane).
Dmitry76 Avatar
Posted: 08.11.10, 10:13 AM
About tooth brushing and some hygienic or healthy but not tasty food and another usefull but boaring stuff I would agree to 100% to this. But regarding the rest, everybody decides himself if to play the game or not.
AGENTE"B"1633. Avatar
Posted: 08.11.10, 09:43 AM
good morning
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