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Graham Allison on Nuclear Power & Nuclear Weapons

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donleonard Avatar
Posted: 11.09.10, 05:44 PM
AL Qaeda is a CIA construct...This is just more fear mongering by the US officials to justify their terrorism on the citizens of the world and their own country. The General in charge of intelligence says the official 9/11 story is a lie. Noam Chomsky supports that statement, so do I. Time to lose the fear and take back your rights and freedoms from the corporate fascists who control your money and your life.
Dforce Avatar
Posted: 08.01.10, 08:35 AM
Yet more prpoganda from the ruling elites to keep people passive and fearful: The real enemies of the world reside in wall st & the shite house
bremont Avatar
Posted: 07.30.10, 06:08 PM
i wonder if thinking is still part of the community! firebombs what a nonsense, empires do not fall because of bombs, they disappear because of internal entropy. they get sick inside and they die. no need of terrorism or criminals. space-time compacts (the empire dies) space-time expands ( new empire is born) perhaps aliens are closer or already here, because an alien would indeed confuse a society, the same way the main media confuses the common folks. hope it is just an internal deviation because aliens they could be quite nasty, or they could be very generous (who knows)(nasty they will drive us to commit communal suicide. (generous) they will save us.
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