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Dr. Happy & Mr. Percival: The Happiness Handbook

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GmoUnit Avatar
Posted: 09.04.10, 12:34 PM
fairly good video i remeber the choose acronym the most and think its kinda useful but that was hilarious that the percival guy went on for 30 minutes haha i just fast fowarded that but thats unfortunate that those people had to sit though that preformance aha
Lyle Ridings Avatar
Lyle Ridings
Posted: 08.25.10, 09:30 AM
My, but he does talk a lot. And, says...nothing.
marcomauas Avatar
Posted: 08.25.10, 05:37 AM
"Rara temporum felicitate, ubi sentire quae velis, ut quae sentias dicere licet". Rare the happiness of those times when we can feel what we want and say what we feel." (Tacitus, AD 56-AD 117). We are not in those times. We need the permission of Mr Happy to feel sadness, and we need even his explanations to know if it is called "normal". Is this an exercise in popular suggestion? Is this a sort of "global normalization"? No easy to say. I prefer Spinoza, because in his "Ethics", he tries to demonstrate that each one is each one, singular.

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