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Bill Gates in Conversation at Aspen Ideas Festival

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Aspen Ideas Festival 2010

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Eric25001 Avatar
Posted: 10.12.10, 07:07 PM
99 percent of "Teachers" should find something else to do for work. Bottom quintile of students is more a waste of funding and time than resources spent on the last 3 months of life. Maybe new cures or longer life can come from some of the money and resources spent in the last 3 months of life. The bottom quintile or two and education --- Not so much--. Maybe find a more productive use of those resources. Let us test what works and what does not work for education. Let us test what works and what does not work for health care.
nitka Avatar
Posted: 09.16.10, 07:34 AM
yep...agreee....I come here because it is very very good and heart broken this site may not be available soon without paying...:-(....the signs are will b sooner rather then later
AGENTE"B"1633. Avatar
Posted: 09.15.10, 10:36 PM
wat bank do you recomend
Jerez Avatar
Posted: 09.14.10, 03:07 PM
I think Mark poses a very rational question, one I was asking, Why is the arguement spend money on expensive end of life care OR spend money on teachers? Why can't it be, spend money on fish sticks OR spend money on teachers? Mr. Gates is unclear. I would have to differ with Mr Gates about the time needed to educate a person in our schools as well. Basically, I think we might consider making the year longer for 'teachers', so that we attract people who don't teach just to have summers and holidays off. In this way, we would gain those gifted to share information, gifted and learned in imparting knowledge, and demonstrating how to collaborate, and able to evaluate children's personalities, (likes, dislikes), and encouraging them to learn what they need to learn to do what they will want to do with their lives. Don't ask me what these teachers need to do all year long while kids get summers and holidays off, take their weeks or month or so (depending on what they have accrued) for vacations, further their own educations perhaps, why not? People who enjoy education never tire of being educated. My ideas may be food for thought, but again, might be too easy a solution. :~)
Caz Loth Avatar
Caz Loth
Posted: 09.14.10, 12:24 PM
Bill Gates is a Neocon who could care less. He promotes GMO's and is a eugenecist. Look how casually he can talk about ending people's lives because it effects the GNP. He only sees money and people as objects. He's dangerous but when he comes to the end of his life, he's going to use every means possible to continue living. The clue, again, is in his demeanor and casualness. Be careful of this man.
christ Avatar
Posted: 09.14.10, 10:39 AM
Perhaps those things that cause the excesses in medical cost need to be reined in, similar to the way sales tax were imposed on cigarettes due to the established link to smoking causing cancer. The degree to which a food is processed should be the degree to which it attracts tax. For example raw whole apples(not a Jobs one)should never attract a tax, however, those same apples in a pastry should attract heavy tax, even more if it were as a sauce with pork.
Tom G Avatar
Tom G
Posted: 09.14.10, 06:21 AM
I'm happy to have joined and support a paid content model. I'm not all that interested in business oriented premium content but I'm here for the concept rich content in culture, science, technology environment and sometimes even economics that informs, educates and encourages. Much of this content remains available to an advertising model audience, and I would not be here considerable unless quality content remains freely available. I'm willing to pay for content simply because [I] want this service to remain available to anybody with IN service. If I must subsidize content I have little interest in, I'll do so. Unfortunately, I'm posting on this particular program because I was curious if Bill Gates has managed to rescue himself from the celebrity expert rubber chicken-circuit. He has not, and from the highlights I can't think of this as concept-rich content. Essentially it is superficial cocktail armchair chit-chat and fails to inform or encourage. Much like a cocktail party, difficult issues are raised as if the mere mention conveys subject substance on the speaker. Lord, if Bill wishes to raise the ideas that life-support for the terminally ill inappropriately consumes medical resources and prevents spending in other social areas, he really should at least acknowledge the extraordinary complex moral and social questions: Who's going to make the call and who's going to pull the plug? Who's going to tell representative of extremely wealthy and powerful interests that they can't have three more months of a comatose loved-one even if they can pay for it? Who's going to reform the economy and political system so that the same moral and ethical systems are available for every one? Perhaps my questions receive a brush or glancing blow in the full program, but I have no confidence. Perhaps this is a program that should live or die by the invisible hand.
Fora2 Avatar
Posted: 09.11.10, 10:18 PM
Thank you Bill. You nailed it. The majority of our medical costs now go to people who are TERMINALLY ILL in the last 3 months of life for USELESS heroic lifesaving procedures. Instead those patients should be given compassionate hospice care and pain relief. It's a USELESS waste of resources, as are the incredible costs for caring for people with Alzheimer's and other totally debilitating diseases that have lost all meaningful life. It's like prolonging the life of a vegetable. JEEZ????
Mark Sullivan Avatar
Mark Sullivan
Posted: 09.11.10, 09:07 PM
Why is the arguement spend money on expensive end of life care OR spend money on teachers? Could the discussion just as easily be spend money on expensive software and computers or spend money on teacherts? The only question is, who will decide how our money is spent? Why no discussion regarding whether or not we are getting a quality product from our teachers? Mr. Gates starts from some questionable premises. To argue one ought to withhold care for a loved one to save a teacher's job seems a non-sequitor to me. One could just as easily say that all teachers should sacrifice 25% of their pay and pensions so that we cxan provide expensive end of life care. Mr. Gaqtes seems to assume we all value the job teachers do more than we would love to have a partent or spouse or friend around as long as long as possible. Our public school system is abysmal. We have doubled per pupil spending over the laast 20 years in real dollars and results have not improved. The eductation that minority children, particularly black children receive is a national disgrace. I actuallky believe a case could be made that saving 3 teachers is worth far less than preserving the life of a loved one.
Blaise Avatar
Blaise + Staff
Posted: 09.10.10, 10:49 AM
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