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John Maeda: Laws of Simplicity for Design and Business

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alenatsimis Avatar
Posted: 10.31.10, 10:49 AM
If you like the idea of solving business using visuals. Check out this book The Back of the Napkin. Free preview is here
ethnographer1 Avatar
Posted: 08.19.10, 08:13 AM
John Maeda points to a place for human experience within the large transorganic world of the 21st century technological society. John Maeda represents the blending of the artistic and scientific spirit that is the basis of our humanity. He describes a model for where our educational systems should be going. As a human being we are both emotional and rational creatures. Learning the language of emotion depends on the artistic spirit while learning the language of critical thought depends upon the scientific spirit. Our educational system should recognize, enable and encourage children to learn both languages in order to lead full and fulfilling lives. I found this talk to be a refreshing look at an alternative to the model we use to program our children to become zombie spare parts for our technologically dominated culture and society. We find this zombie approach in so many of our educational institutions at all levels. Maede describes another way.