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Nicholas Carr: Is Google Making Us Stupid?

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Kturner Avatar
Posted: 07.06.10, 12:52 PM
The internet give every person with access to it far more info then ever before. With this come a ton of distractions no doubt but to say that the internet is making people dumber is down right silly in my opinion. This guy seems to think that sitting in a corner meditating, perfoming thought experiments rather then learning the subject in great depth and then pondering it is more benifical. In short this guy focus's on the negative, and ignored the positive. Poor logic here.
Dmitry76 Avatar
Posted: 07.06.10, 08:57 AM
I am pretty shure that somebody told exactly same thing about Library of Alexandria in the third century B.C.
Jace301 Avatar
Posted: 07.05.10, 05:11 PM
I find this as simply a 'kids these days' argument. Maybe he is siding with this argument because he sides with writers,are losing alot of money because of the internet and free media. But, on a serious note, he is comparing all of the world's knowledge which has pulled us out of 'my mindset' to the 'world's mindset'. On the most part deep thinkers are philosopher and they do nothing but think about limited topics, when in such a developed world some variety is needed. Being a creative, deep person like I am I have seen none of the problems he mentions because every bit of new information either video, sound or text leads me to develop my ideas and my own thinking.
Federal Farmer Avatar
Federal Farmer
Posted: 06.29.10, 09:01 PM
I feel dumber now that I watched this. I am sure the same argument was made when the first home encyclopedias came out. or Perhaps not... America’s societal engineers (Madison ave) have successfully programmed us to be shallow instant gratification creatures. One should not blame that result on an incorrect source. The internet will free the minds of humanity not enslave it. FF
Calorus Avatar
Posted: 06.28.10, 12:43 PM
A daft point badly made. I have access to more text and video about important topics than I EVER conveniently access before. Both deep reading and reading/watching topics and opinions I'd not generally pay to access. As with so many things, the internet is what you make of it.
maddy Avatar
Posted: 06.27.10, 10:38 PM didn't hold my attention although I am interested in the conversation...if that make me attention deficit don't pass the ritalin. Maybe, perhaps discerning. The topic does interest me and I will pick up his book and skim it which would seem faster for me than watching this program. So even though I am on the internet and I am picking up threads of interest I am continuing to pursue those interests outside the internet. Google is a tool; hopefully one of many in the toolbox.
shawn775 Avatar
Posted: 06.27.10, 06:53 PM
I agree with Carr in that the internet does reduce our ability to focus over long periods, and actually erode some basic skills that we grew up with. That being said, the internet is a very useful tool when used in moderation. (By the way, I think the moderator was combative and actually made the forum less enjoyable.)
apoo Avatar
Posted: 06.27.10, 10:51 AM
I agree with this concept. too much information overload, little time to think. very little effort made to memorize; everything stored somewhere, so why bother? our brains will stop thinking deep...a frightening thought!