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Matthew Taylor: 21st Century Enlightenment (Animated)

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PlanckB Avatar
Posted: 05.27.11, 07:12 PM
Let's be specific. The reduction in Empathy in US culture was social engineering through "money as speech" funders and perpetrators of "Culture Wars" - WF Buckley, Murdoch, American Idol...its all traceable this time..."Culture War" used against the American citizens by private media owners and political donors despite their Constitution just like CIA might use it against Iranians to destabilize and topple their government! And of course degrading consumerism exported all over the world into the spreading "quiet desperation" that goes along with US style capitalism. And the rise of inequality? Attacks on democratic institutions by the very few in high places who felt they lost out and were the ones being robbed over the last 60 years! It's obvious now this class war...and this contrived financial attack against the USA, UK, and EU...its all traceable this starts with Mont Pelerin Society/American Enterprise Institute types in Britain and the US to take out effective governments to eliminate tax and laws for labor, industry, and extraction. No mysteries to cover it up this time like with Isabel of Castille (how could she do that? Duh!), the Inquisition, Counter-Reformation, Religious Wars, Fascism, Communist extremism, Totalitarianism, Red Scare...all covers blaming the people themselves for succumbing to the evil of Reactionary concentrated wealth fighting against rising educated and independent middle classes. Jealous vindictive Minerva dangling talented Arachne from a thread and destroying her beautiful web playing out again each time over and over again! Now whatever they're going to call this Era...The Anarcho-Capitalist Reactionary Putsch against Global Democracy! Will they finally get caught now that social science knows from neuroscience that manipulating the masses through economic terror and reflexive fear has always really been the cause of this real Evil? As Augustine of Hippo said, "Fear is the beginning of evil." It's always been about dismantling educated middle class people naturally pursuing their naturally creative work for Progress and Enlightenment! Which means wealth being shared with more and more creators instead of fewer and fewer Plutocrats and Thugs! They always knew they had to manipulate the subconscious, and they knew how to. They cherished that knowledge and passed it along judiciously to each generation's Werkzeug! Today, we know there is a subconscious and we know exactly how it's manipulated for these destructive ends! We see them do it to us today! And to the world!
briantaylor Avatar
Posted: 02.07.11, 06:52 PM
Love the film. Recently discovered Taylor's essay and the RSA. Always great to find like minded groups. The follow up question is the subject of my latest book Anti-Social Engineering the Hyper-Manipulated Self, "so what can we do about it." Click here to watch the book trailer. Best Thoughts,
andharvey8 Avatar
Posted: 01.23.11, 02:40 PM
This man's whole speech is intended to convince you that the powers of the government need to be expanded, hence increasing the power and prestige of his own station in life. His whole bit about how "some things fail to conform to human intuition" Translation: You are an idiot, and its best to leave it to the "experts" in Parliament.
basnelson Avatar
Posted: 10.15.10, 06:45 AM
The pdf is here
TreeLuvBurdpu Avatar
Posted: 10.14.10, 11:46 AM
Where is the .pdf or .tif of this artwork?
TreeLuvBurdpu Avatar
Posted: 10.14.10, 11:44 AM
Three logics of the Enlightenment? What about one integrated logic? What about Reason? Why assume a dis-integrated, schismatic triptych of logics? Has Kant driven his cleaver into the root of your concepts of consciousness? What about using the same tool that has been accepted in science to great productive effect? An absolute and unreserved acceptance of existence. An acceptance that your sensations are valid and that your mind is free. It is difficult to accept your social empathy quotient numbers when you realize that you are talking about billions of free-thinking individuals, and not merely parts in your social machine.
TreeLuvBurdpu Avatar
Posted: 10.14.10, 11:29 AM
This sounds like a social scientist trying to understand the individualist movement, from the top down. "Global Happiness achievement < 50%", "Anti-immigrant sentiment > 80%", "How can we increase the empathy quotient?", "What programs can we mandate, and what inputs can we regulate to lead to a more optimal society-entity?" But in the immortal words of Michael Stipe "You can't get there from here". You cannot reach an understanding of the individual by studying society anymore than you can reach an understanding of human health by studying hospitals. You must start at the beginning, at the individual.
Eric25001 Avatar
Posted: 10.13.10, 09:18 PM
Why Guess? Tiny little box? Why the ad hominem? Because I do not support totalitarian or mob rule? Science, technology, innovation! You think are regressive and lacking imagination? As for Neanderthal: Based on current evidence I am sure to have a few Neanderthal bits of DNA. How about you? As for Ignorance I profess mine but strive for new insight and light! Fundamentalism?? Hardly! The term ZEALOT should have been a clue!
Marcosss Avatar
Posted: 10.13.10, 01:57 PM
Eric, I guess you fall into the category of the regressive or Neanderthal, lacking the imagination or the will to see a better way. Its the likes of you that will keep western society banging its head against the concrete wall of ignorance & fundamentalism in perpetual war of civilizations & cultures. You really need to learn to think outside that tiny little box you live in.
Peter V Block Avatar
Peter V Block
Posted: 10.13.10, 11:54 AM
Very well put together. Of course it is right, but, more than that, the presentation was amazing.