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Naomi Oreskes: Merchants of Doubt

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taichichicka Avatar
Posted: 04.13.11, 07:01 PM
Umm, no.
Kelly C Hitchcock Avatar
Kelly C Hitchcock
Posted: 09.29.10, 09:19 PM
Man-made climate change has been completely debunked. How she can stand there and claim differently after Climategate is beyond me. David Horowitz, the ex-communist turned conservative, explicitly speaks about how the communists made a conscious decision after Vietnam to use the environment to flog capitalism. Oreskes shouldn't be compared to Stalin. That is a joke, but she does attend the same church. An eight-year-old can tell you that less pollution is better than more pollution, but you have to weigh the costs of burning fossil fuels against the benefits. Read "Climategate" by Brian Sussman.

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