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Christopher Hitchens: Some Confessions and Contradictions

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There are 36 comments on this program

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Previous FORAtv comments:
Posted: 12.30.10, 10:00 AM
You are pathetic!
Quote: Originally Posted by A.Vogel Isn't this guy just a drunk? Shouldn't you be in Facebook or doing your homework?
Posted: 12.30.10, 09:28 AM
Self Important?
Quote: Originally Posted by morrison33 Self important megalomaniac - typical He is. He deserves to be.
maximus444 Avatar
Posted: 12.05.10, 11:17 PM
Hitchens says at around 1 hour 8 minutes in: "I began to identify much more with America and its struggle against theocracy and barbarism and to resent the people who were slandering it for doing so. And who still do." What about one of America's strongest allies in the same region as Iraq Hitch? Namely Saudi Arabia, with its "Islamic absolute monarchy" where women can't even drive a car! We know why the US has propped up and supported such a brutal dictator in Saudi Arabia, its large oil reserves. But Hitchens proclaims the US to have noble goals. How does one as intelligent as Hitchens get around this contradiction, anybody? I must also add that the passage from the book he read about his mother was extremely moving.
betequeue Avatar
Posted: 09.25.10, 12:39 PM
I could kick Hitchens ass for not getting his oesophagus and all checked regularly. Given his lifestyle, his age, his father's death of the same cancer - it was very neglecting.
dyervaper Avatar
Posted: 09.12.10, 08:49 AM
I hate this interviewer's style. Stop interrupting and let him talk! He is quite capable of finishing a thought without your help!
moya mc nulty Avatar
moya mc nulty
Posted: 08.05.10, 05:15 PM
sorry -- that's "Pompous", of course
moya mc nulty Avatar
moya mc nulty
Posted: 08.05.10, 05:13 PM
This interviewer is so irritating - his question to Christopher about his mother's death - "Why do you think she reached out to YOU?" What on earth !!! Does anyone else find him a "ponmpous fart"? or is it just me ...
Invictus_88 Avatar
Posted: 08.01.10, 06:22 AM
Quote: Originally Posted by Jann It´s getting more and more difficult for him to hide is alcohol problem! "Problem" is subjective, and at any rate that's no way to speak of the dying.
Francis J.L. Osborn.

Philosophy Undergraduate, St David's College Lampeter.
albarro Avatar
Posted: 07.30.10, 08:09 AM
This program was simply awful. The main culprit was the interviewer, who thought that people came to hear him. He dominated the conversation with his own views and interjected himself to the point where Hitchens was more an onlooker than a participant. As for Hitchens, a person whom I've heard before and like, well, I can only say that he had an off-night. After an hour, my state of annoyance was such that I turned it off. My time was wasted.
A.Vogel Avatar
Posted: 07.30.10, 05:38 AM
Isn't this guy just a drunk?