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David Helvarg: Saved by the Sea

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dennisoneill4 Avatar
Posted: 07.14.10, 06:12 AM
BP spent hundreds of millions on a dishonest, misleading advertising campaign (BP- Beyond Petroleum) that portrayed the company as some kind of environmental innovator rather than an oil and gas company that provided American suburbanites with gasoline for their SUV's so they could live in the middle of environmentally destructive, culturally vacuous suburbs forced to drive everywhere around the middle of nowhere. Their executives created a culture where cutting costs at the expense of human and environmental safety was acceptable. BP should stand for Bribe Politicians. Barack Obama was the top recipient of BP PAC and individual contributions in the past 20 years. His inept response to the BP Gulf disaster, his lack of any coherent energy policy, his complete lack of transparency and his excessive reliance on big money for his campaigns are in part why he has lost so much support. He's another typical Chicago politician.
Fora2 Avatar
Posted: 07.06.10, 08:27 PM
Wired Magazine, 6/15/10: an e-mail released by House Committee on Energy and Commerce, is one of many documents describing BP's risky, cost-cutting decisions. "This has been a nightmare well which has everyone all over the place," wrote BP engineer Brian Morel to a colleague. Morel wanted the company to use a "liner," or sheath around the well that would keep gas from surging up the pipes and possibly exploding. BP opted against installing the liner, which would have cost $7 to $10 million. In the Gulf oil blowout it's been found BP was definitely overriding normal safety practice and disregarding Transocean's standard practice of packing the well with mud before sealing it. BP also KNEW the "Annular gasket" was broken and wouldn't provide correct pressure readings but disregarded it. Revealed in "60 Minutes" recent expose on the blowout. My bet is BP will hang for this because they deliberately chose to disregard safety precautions