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'The Perfect Storm' Author Sebastian Junger Discusses War

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theknopfknows Avatar
Posted: 06.25.10, 06:27 PM
Unfortunately the SOLDIERS ARE ADDICTS. Addiction is passion`s dark simulacrum and, to the naive observer, its perfect mimic. Addiction resembles passion in its urgency and in the promise of fulfillment but it`s gifts are illusory. It`s a black hole, WAR. The more you offer it, the more it demands. Unlike passion, its alchemy does not create new elements from o9ld. It only degrades what it touches,WAR, and turns it into something less, something cheaper...Passion creates, while, addiction consumes, first the self and then the others with in it`s orbit!. WAR IS A HABIT, A serious chemical addiction that the USA sufferes for 200 years. Nothing to be proud of!
AGENTE"B"1633. Avatar
Posted: 06.09.10, 08:28 AM
if most men come back from war and reenlist is beacose ther traing to prevent deat reson of they allready now wats in the fild, and to teach the ons that dont have the expirience in the battle fid.

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