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Cindy Gallop: Make Love Not Porn

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L2: Generation Next Forum 2010

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hairyotter Avatar
Posted: 05.30.10, 01:41 AM
A speech meant more to entertain than to educate, much like her websites. If she wanted to be taken seriously, she would not dress like a cheap hooker, a fact that kind of detracts from the points she is trying to make. She tries to make it a point that the pervasiveness of pornographic culture has and always be with us, but anyone who understands history going back more than 50 years knows that while at some level this is true, to try to compare the "pornographic" culture of the past to the current state is like saying a fist fight and nuclear bomb are both violent, a true but functionally useless point (here used as a justification of modern porn industry). She talks about balancing viewpoints; she doesn't seem to see it as a problem at all that 11 year olds are watching hardcore pornography. This is the epitome of stupidity, to suppose that rather than prevent children from being exposed to hardcore pornography which arguably is among the most potent, psychologically charged material available to a child, we should simply try to show them that it is actually not all about the porn that they are haplessly being addicted to, that porn is but one "viewpoint". Does Ms. Gallop have a child? Can she even remember what it is like to be a child? What child cares about anything she is talking about? When we were kids we got our kicks from cartoons and the funny pages whereas nowadays they are getting it from the internet and hardcore porn, and she says the problem with the world is a lack of blowjobs. This lady immerses herself in culture, sure, but she understands none of it and has absolutely no grasp of what actually needs to be changed.
AtlasBae Avatar
Posted: 05.26.10, 01:49 PM
An impressive speech. We cannot hide who we are.

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