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Nils Gilman: Deviant Globalization

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coyote1313 Avatar
Posted: 07.13.11, 05:07 PM
Who is this Guy?* One thing for sure he doesn't know his Azz from a hole in the ground when it comes to the drug trade! First off, in relative terms over the last 20 years. There has been a huge expansion of available cocaine on the market. With a steady or shrinking*demand in the U.S. *(demand has increased globally) Its true production has remained relatively steady over the last 20 years But the gram of cocaine on the street 20 years ago is not the same product of today.* 20 years ago you had a relatively pure product produced with reagent grade ether. The U.S. government saw fit to embargo the exportation of ether in the *late 1980's. Which resulted in the rise of cracks popularity. Without ether you can't make an easily soluble product.* Today's gram of street cocaine is also full of adulterants, *90% of street*cocaine*recently *tested positive for cattle wormer. So when a consumer buys*a gram of cocaine*today, he is only getting about 10% of the product he was 20 years ago.* His analysis of product pricing*bespeaks a naivete with regards to the drug industry. First off the initial cost base for bazooka (unrefined product) has had more to do with the activities of the FARC. The FARC is much less active today in the drug trade then it was in the 1990's. Further his assertion that the profit margin is highest at the stage of importation is not taking into account the cost of business. Pay offs to, governments, crime organizations (zetas) product loss (interdiction, theft,) His 1400+% profit, is certainly based on gross numbers not net profits. No one on his side of the fence will have any reliable estimation of net profits. I question Mr. Gilman' s qualifications to even comment on this subject? Having a PHD from berkley is not the requisite qualification! Has Mr. Gilman been involved in the drug game? I think not. Has he spent years traveling in the same circles as the players? Doubtful. Has he even been in the same room with a high level cartel member? I doubt it. Mr. Gilman is just the kind of half- smart bushwa twerp that would end up with a cap in his ear.
PapaKief Avatar
Posted: 07.30.10, 05:23 PM
"As demand is steady as we have to assume it probably is for a commodity like this" Wrong... Cocaine use in the US is decreasing (EU is increasing) Stupid
chawil Avatar
Posted: 07.13.10, 02:04 PM
To put it simply it's the people who want to make money out of it. That's what drugs are all about, making money.
Road's End Avatar
Road's End
Posted: 06.04.10, 04:57 PM
Stewart (and Nils), In your search for "deviant" enterprises that later went legit, you could I believe include most of the families that ruled Europe for centuries. There are also the cases of Britain's fostering of piracy, of the opium trade, the invasion of largely defenseless lands (and the seizures thereof), and of the slave trade as examples of the sorts of tawdry enterprises that led to wealth and later to the putting on of aristocratic airs. Of course, much of this would apply to the US as well as most other countries, whose wealth was made in a "scrappier" era.
Periergeia Avatar
Posted: 05.28.10, 10:33 PM
What worries me most that 16000+ people watched this crap and thought it was informative... OMG... we don't need any sort of globalization to be the losers... we can totally screw ourselves!
sunoveristambul Avatar
Posted: 05.28.10, 03:18 PM
I found it interesting to read Monitor 360 web page. An organization that Nils is involved with and his friend "The Long View". They provide "solutions for business and governments". You can read their offerings online. They threw in a couple of females on their team, but the rest are all males, connected via educational systems. And don't miss Peter Schwartz/Council on Foreign Relations member, and another Dod defence op. It's all online. BUT you guys are soooo smart, with Phds to impress. It makes me think of a comment made by a Davos goer, "90% of the population trust intelectuals". I find it facinating to connect the dots and see the connections. It does paint an interesting picture. I will absolutely read, "Four Futures for China Inc" Business 2.0 I am sooooo wondering what the intention is with China. Did you try and befriend the neigborhood bully? It does not work.
sunoveristambul Avatar
Posted: 05.28.10, 02:37 PM
I think it wise to be aware BUT... It was enlightening to watch/first hand the Russians go beyond beuracracy and everyone called it mafia. I am all for going under the table BUT... BEing a deviant is fun BUT.... It appeals to my rebel side, the side that does see the irony in taxes, unfair trade rules,,just plain old unfairness old boy/blue blod monopoly....BUT There are good people trying to stop bad things, ex.the sex trade and let us not forget the effects of drugs (opium in China). But the 60's were great. So yes, Mr. (former BEA Systems advertising executive) MR. NILS GILMAN It does state in your bio. You make a fun case for breaking ALL the rules/and making money... I just wonder how you got the job at BEA Systems. They do sell war toys, don't they? <BAE Systems plc is a British defence, security and aerospace company ... BAE Systems is involved in several major defence projects, including the F-35>
Invictus_88 Avatar
Posted: 05.19.10, 12:14 PM
Theknopfknows, I think you need to get out more.
Edson Olivares Avatar
Edson Olivares
Posted: 05.18.10, 08:30 PM
Very interesting.
theknopfknows Avatar
Posted: 05.15.10, 10:21 PM
Nils avoid like many that Washington was the no.i MASON HEAD MASON BECAME PRESIDENT, all countries from John A MacDonald of Canada, Washington, Benito Juarez, and all the way down to Bernardo Higgins of Chile all first few presidents of all the countries in Western Hemisphere, 33Degree Mason Presidents, no one wants to say this, that founding fathers were not Christians but Masons, John Dee, Francis Bacon, Newton, the Royal Society was a Masonary Society. Manly Palmer Hall writes many good books of Masons president of the American Philisophical society for almost 50 years. Today follow the money, and you will find the greedy motivation thanks.
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