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Resolved: Higher Education Is Broken

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Andrew Atkin Avatar
Andrew Atkin
Posted: 05.28.10, 10:30 PM
Don't forget that the traditional model of education in large part only exists because we never had the tools to do it any different. It was NEVER the true ideal. With the Internet we can say that the traditional model of education is outdated. Tertiary education (and virtually all education in fact) should evolve *parallel* with the individual. So, as you move through your career over time, you aquire knowledge and education alongside your training but only when and as required. In other words education can and should lean closer to the apprentiship model - not the institutional model that we are so familiar with. The apprentiship model is far more efficient because the material is learnt in a natural way and in context (you don't really learn what you "learn" until you work with what you learn); and there is no unnecessary learning that is not really relevant. Those old universities -and the degree and diploma system included- are an ancient tradition well past their use-by date. Unfortunately universities are not in the business of going out of business, so they will use their established inertia to fight and sadly therefore delay the inevitable change into a fluid and truely demand-responsive form of educational process. "Safe" debates like what has been presented here are, I believe, an example of preserving a university-focused educational establishment. The truth is we can now do much, much better.

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