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David Morrison: Surviving 2012 and Other Cosmic Disasters

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samquigley Avatar
Posted: 04.27.11, 04:58 AM
That was a bit of fun, but if someone in post could run it through a compressor to level out that bad mic-technique "battery dying" effect, it'd be even more enjoyable.
Akber Avatar
Posted: 02.22.11, 01:17 AM
DDL Avatar
Posted: 02.16.11, 08:06 AM
DDL Avatar
Posted: 02.16.11, 08:05 AM
well, it was a good explanation right up until about when he said "As a NASA Sientist, i assure you that my laptop hasn't ever visited a porn site" then i was not so sure anymore lol
DDL Avatar
Posted: 02.15.11, 03:13 PM
"As a NASA Sientist, i assure you that my laptop hasn't ever visited a porn site" hmmmmmm just like what bill clinton said "I have never had sexual relations with that women." (from wikipedia)
fossape Avatar
Posted: 10.06.10, 01:40 AM
2012 is not an end, it is part of a cycle, if it destroys us, then fail on us, we didn't advance quick enough to escape eventual death
InfinitOne Avatar
Posted: 09.30.10, 09:59 AM
Nice talk... Finally, there is someone to tell the truth and he has no BS to sell . . .
chawil Avatar
Posted: 07.13.10, 01:11 PM
Very reminiscent of the 7th Day Adventist predictions of Armegeddon. The earth was meant to end in the early 20th century, this was then put forward to the 1930s, then the 1940s and on and on and on. The 2012 myth will persist however, along with the Adventists. There's a brilliant book called "When Prophecy Fails" which describes an actual doomsday sect that was used in a scientific study of such beliefs. Amazingly one of the students who volunteered to join the group actually came to believe the prophecy and, after it failed, persisted in his belief!
Periergeia Avatar
Posted: 06.13.10, 03:10 PM
Memethink... now you have lost me for good. Enjoy your BBQ, your beer and your own babble.
Periergeia Avatar
Posted: 06.12.10, 12:07 PM
memethink: "The best way to learn is observe but refuse to take anything for granted..." Why in the world wouldn't I take for granted what I have learned about the world? After all, much of it can be put to good use to improve mankind and thereby to relieve a lot of unnecessary suffering. I would even dare to say that ignoring what one has learned for the sake of making these capricious pseudo-philosophical points you seem to be fond of is a crime on humanity. About China... you brought it up... I had absolutely no reason to get into a discussion about it. Which doesn't mean that I can't. But since I happen to have some rather direct exposure to Chinese people, I can ask them how they see the world (which I do at any occasion suitable). And they, interestingly enough, do not see all gloom and doom there but a rather profound improvement over the last decades. Some of them see so much improvement, indeed, that they are leaving the US to go back to China because of the enormous academic and economic opportunities there. Now, China is not "just a country among the rest". China and India are key to the 21st century with almost 1.4 billion and 1.2 billion people, respectively. If either country should fail to support and improve the conditions of their populations, we are going to see very difficult problems ahead. As for 2012... since there is no known physical threat, whatsoever, it's not even worth talking about it. The only thing worth talking about is the real threat associated with the educational gap that leads people to believe in such nonsense. Which brings me back to how important it is to teach people to be objective and to use the foundations of physical sciences to readily identify these scams when they encounter them. :-)