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The Art of Innovation from the Hacker's Perspective

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World Entrepreneurship Day 2010

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xip Avatar
Posted: 05.01.10, 10:08 AM
An interesting talk, but he is absolutely wrong there are no real alternatives for our growing energy consuming culture but to use nuclear power. In fact we could solve our energy issues just with solar power and hydrogen which is unfortunately is just at the beginning development state. Right now, however, there are still enough let's say green solutions that are only prevented from general usage by our general stupidity and very powerful especially stupid or just ego-centric people. Nonetheless he made some good examples what a hacker does or likes to do. P.S.: the cameraman deserves the golden raspberry award for her/his work.
franklin.lyons Avatar
Posted: 04.26.10, 10:01 AM
Great talk !@! I don't doubt we will be hearing from this man again.
battlestarts Avatar
Posted: 04.21.10, 03:47 PM
nice...but how can i download it man!!!

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