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Sir Paul Nurse: Great Ideas of Biology

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cantubury Avatar
Posted: 07.31.10, 08:07 AM
Dr. Nurse portrays the philosophical, historical and historical scientific views of science beginning with the cell He explains by metaphor as opposed to quantum physics (Dr. Green). He did not mention that the basis of cells, any organic or inorganic elements are based on atoms, which was discovered by Democritus, a Greek some 2600 years ago. And, ironically enough, Democritus taught the father of Medicine, Hippocrates, and Hippocrates served Democirtus in medical matters for free. Dr. Hippocrates was in fact an "atomotist" the core of all modern medicine. kn® cantubury (tm) ®
jdockery Avatar
Posted: 04.28.10, 10:38 AM
Very informative and entertaining. The camera work, however, was maddening. Changing from speaker to screen and zooming and re-zooming became unbearable and I simply turned off the picture and listened to the remainder of the lecture.
morrison33 Avatar
Posted: 04.22.10, 04:29 PM
brilliant lecture
mick4711 Avatar
Posted: 04.22.10, 07:11 AM
A very interesting an entertaining lecture, thank you.

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