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Democracy Now's Amy Goodman in Conversation

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Mike Dangel Avatar
Mike Dangel
Posted: 12.08.10, 04:44 PM
Just to play devils advocate, the American helicopter pilots were operating under the assumption that the group of men they fired upon were armed. Reports of smalls arms fire near their location was the reason the gunship was even there. The strap on the reporters camera looked like a weapon sling on an IR display taken from hundreds of feel away. So the pilots believe the group is the one responsible for the small arms fire and opens up on them. The van later fired upon looks to be attempting to extricate the wounded and possibly gather up weapons.
Kelly C Hitchcock Avatar
Kelly C Hitchcock
Posted: 12.06.10, 05:23 PM
War IS the answer in certain circumstances. War ended Fascism and Nazism. It has kept America safe from terrorist attacks for nine years. The fact is that exhibiting the horrors of war IS NOT NEWS. There is nothing "new" about the horrors of war. Parading the horrors is simply propaganda designed to shock people into submissiveness. If a war is just and necessary, the horrors associated with it are moot. That famous picture of the Viet Cong being shot in the head doesn't show that the man was a multiple murderer. Why doesn't Amy Goodman go to places where women are genitally mutilated or beaten by their families for being raped?
theknopfknows Avatar
Posted: 11.16.10, 08:14 PM
the red coats are coming, last time I saw Hugo Chavez He was wearing a red shirt, that is not by accident red shirt is symbol, like other unspoken symbols-rainbow flag, obvious for those who know. Amy is fantastic,works very hard at all times, dedicated to her own passion, like myself addicted to current events since childhood. I have been watching Amy daily,except Sat.-Sun.know her public wardrope which harmonizes with the subject at hand, the total package, is not a neutral-sitting on a fence attitude, but one of proud principles worth going to jail for, which Amy did also. Bravery was never the question but survival, Amy is not physically very large, girlish fragility, and yet I would not want to anger Her.A commitment to take a stand. Yes I do praise her for being who she is even though I disagree with her stance on the middle east for example. More Power To Amy, its not easy, she has my respect. Thank You Foratv for choosing Amy Goodman.
Lary9 Avatar
Posted: 10.24.10, 04:46 PM
What European empires? What century are you from? The only empire in the world today is ours and it's on its way down the Appian Way following Rome to obscurity. Today's globe is one of emerging global equals. American ruling classes are pretenders...posers of the Imperium... grasping to conserve their wealth... all members of the King Midas suicide club.
E.M.Hurley Avatar
Posted: 07.27.10, 05:37 PM
Although I don't agree with all the comments made by Amy Goodman in this video, I have to agree that the people deserve a media that does not just act as an outlet for political or special interest opinions. I have a hard time watching the mainstream news, I feel they are not remotely interested in facts or information, but rather focused on ratings and really what amounts to distracting the public from the very information they should be reporting. I find censorship of any kind to be disturbing, one started down that road it becomes increasingly hard to turn back. Sometimes the truth can be horrifying and can really rock people's opinion, those who seek comfort in ignorance are only fooling themselves. I have an understanding of why certain information is not made public, things like troop movements and things of that nature, but secrecy is often abused and things that should be open to the public view are only discussed behind closed doors including a lot of domestic policy which impacts the lives of those it's hidden from.
ghostintheshell29 Avatar
Posted: 06.17.10, 01:47 AM
The fact that the video was edited.... I'm tired of being lied to by the main stream media, why i do my best to get my news from non mainstream but still legitimate sources. However wikileaks flat out admitting that it was intentional for political impact... This puts them in the same boat as fox, or cnn. As to what the truth really is... I'm not so sure. An AK-47 isn't grounds to shoot, the large camera straps look very similar to rifle slings when you don't see the camera... however there are many Iraqi's legally allowed to own AK-47's you need hostile intent to engage. If there was an RPG in the vicinity then the helicopter crew would be 100% within their ROE(rules of engagement) to engage the target. Now the group they attacked was unarmed though, so even if they did see someone with an RPG they engaged the wrong people. Also they called up bad information when asking for approval to engage. For the ambulance shooting.... I can see their line of thinking, its the bad guys buddies trying to get them out of there... But how they came to that conclusion... baffles my mind... Its clearly acting as an ambulance. They should not have engaged. Its a tragedy, as horrible as i felt the first time i watched the edited version, I just feel absolutely betrayed by wikileaks.
Morry Avatar
Posted: 06.10.10, 03:30 AM
This is typical of a nation that has lost it's morality. This not new,the disgraceful treatment of noncombatants has been going on for years. Back in 1968 in Vietnam there was the My Lai Massacre by US Troops and what a coverup that was, with the perpetrators given a slap on the wrist. Also the poisoning of Vietnam by the US Military using Agent Orange which released dioxins which are still causing genetic defects even after 42 years. There is a long list of crimes carried out by the US that for any other country doing the same acts would have meant prosecution for War Crimes in the International Court. Also during the same war Richard Nixon and LBJ lied when they said they weren't bombing of Cambodia. The US interferrence with Cambodia helped destabilise their Government and allowed Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge to begin the killing an estimated 1.7 to 2.3 million people. Also with the active support from the CIA Augusto Pinochet took control of Chile and killed an estimated 3200 people and incarcerated and tortured 80,000. To my mind the USA is a criminal country who likes to impose it's morality and rules on the rest of the world but sees itself as being exempt from those same rules.
GM2010 Avatar
Posted: 06.09.10, 10:53 PM
I agree
GM2010 Avatar
Posted: 06.09.10, 10:52 PM
US military use of force continuum: level 5: Level 5: Assaultive (Lethal Force). The subject usually has a weapon and will either kill or injure someone if he/she is not stopped immediately and brought under control. The subject must be controlled by the use of deadly force with or without a firearm. *** I didn't see anything of the sort on the tape. Were we viewing the same tape? As for Colbert's statement "the military found an RPG". Really? Oddly, after several viewings of the full unedited version I could detect one assault rifle, one camera and no RPGs. What was it the military said about Jessica Lynch? Pat Tillman? The Camp No "suicides"? The pre-dawn JSOC killings in Afghanistan who turned out to be village officials and not "terrorists", wherein the soldiers destroyed evidence by digging the bullets out of the corpses and the surrounding walls and disposing of them? The default position of the military is to reflexively lie about everything.
GM2010 Avatar
Posted: 06.09.10, 10:42 PM
The Cuban health care system in which these students are working is exceptional for a poor country and represents an important political accomplishment of the Castro government. Since 1959, Cuba has invested heavily in health care and now has twice as many physicians per capita as the United States and health indicators on a par with those in the most developed nations - despite the U.S. embargo that severely reduces the availability of medications and medical technology.3,4 This success clearly plays well at home and has enabled Cuba to send physicians abroad to Cold War hot spots such as Nicaragua and Angola. Yet Cuba has also sent thousands of physicians to work in some of the world's poorest countries. Since 1998, 7150 Cuban doctors have worked in 27 countries - on a proportional basis this is the equivalent of the United States sending 175,000 physicians abroad.5 In the same spirit, ELAM trains young people from these countries and sends them home to practice medicine. Although these programs make political points for Cuba, they also represent an extraordinary humanitarian contribution to the world's poor populations.'re welcome.