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Peter Nowak: Sex, Bombs and Burgers

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slimswayze Avatar
Posted: 08.25.10, 07:06 PM
iam canadian too and VERY proud to be! i used to look up to the USA but never again! we need to distance ourselves as much as possible or Join a coalition of us american and british citizens who ARE SICK AND TIRED OF THE FACSIST AMerican Capitalistic Gang Of Thugs we have for goverment Here and there!
lalasha Avatar
Posted: 07.07.10, 12:43 AM
as a Canadian he isn't proud to say that? to bad most american couldn't care less about Canada. More or less you are a joke to us.
wsoutherland Avatar
Posted: 05.24.10, 04:56 AM
You could make the case that anything you do supports the military, including sports and education. Even a call for peace really just translates into rest, during which time people focus on building technology and infrastructure. The better our education is today, the better our soldiers will be tomorrow with the aid of technology. Mobile phones came from technology originally developed for ship to ship communication. The Internet came from DARPA. GPS of course. Much of our advanced video technology comes from missiles. The first computers were developed to simulate nuclear explosions. Is it any surprise that the most popular games are First Person Shooters and World of Warcraft? It's in our blood.

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