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Six Easy Steps to Avert the Collapse of Civilization

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bleep Avatar
Posted: 09.04.11, 09:33 PM
It's an oversimplification to say that net based shopping and distribution, with it's endless selection of goods that may be sourced from anywhere in world, is more fuel-efficient than localized shopping with a finite number of goods. But OK, let's assume that's the case, it doesn't address the unsustainable lifestyle model of US suburbia, it merely extends it's lifespan for a while.
kitcsc Avatar
Posted: 07.14.11, 01:04 PM
But - can history be considered the stringing together of trivia that combined creates a larger, and on a societal level, more meaningful - in that ramification and cause/effect involves more lives; and, understanding trivia that seems insignificant on its own but when applied as part of a larger whole, takes on meaning we might miss when "isolatively" examined? (I do understand that what makes trivia meaningful, and its combination into a meaningful whole, is in the eye of the beholder.) So, maybe its the interpretation? Which, of course, makes the time taken to write our posts/arguments worth doing?
Paolo P Avatar
Paolo P
Posted: 01.03.11, 05:58 PM
I learned last week that David Eagleman has written this information into a longer "book" that can only be read as an interactive app on the iPad. It's called "Why the Net Matters". I'm trying to find a friend with an iPad to check it out. Please let me know if anyone's read it and what you think.
Posted: 01.01.11, 02:11 AM
This information cannot be ignored! Inspiring, hopeful, empowering, especially after listening to the economic climate and political news on the last day of 2010.
john jan Avatar
john jan
Posted: 12.09.10, 03:06 AM
Alexandria library scrips are not lost, some of them are in Mt. Athos and some in Vatican ..
Kelly C Hitchcock Avatar
Kelly C Hitchcock
Posted: 11.12.10, 05:43 PM
Another major reason Napoleon gave up on the Western hemisphere was because of a slave revolt in Haiti. He had been depending on the revenue from sugar to finance his war machine, and the slave rebellion ended that.
Higzee Avatar
Posted: 10.01.10, 09:14 PM
He doesn't really seem to grasp the underpinnings of the dangers facing our modern society. It's the economy stupid, more on point, huge fiscal debt in most of the world's modern nations is the true danger to our "western" civilization. It's like a slow growing cancer that nobody wants to deal with. Let's see how the internet fixes this huge problem. This article is superficial at best.
lump1 Avatar
Posted: 05.24.10, 05:14 AM
This guy is indisputably smart, and he's probably a decent neurologist and fiction writer. But one thing that he should not be talking about is social collapse. I mean, seriously, he knows lots about lots of thing, but does not know shit about this. I wish someone told me to just skip over all that silly stuff about how the internet will prevent societies from collapsing and jump to the question period. The questioners quickly give up asking about social collapse because of the speaker's childlike naivete on the work of Tainter et al., but once they mercifully change the subject, things get more interesting. I think that Stewart Brand has a crush on this guy, but he should have gotten him to speak on a topic that he knows.
jjenkins Avatar
Posted: 05.16.10, 09:00 PM
All I can say about this presentation is what was the point???
jjenkins Avatar
Posted: 05.16.10, 08:28 PM
But the point is that we don't have to worry about the collapse of society in our lifetime. So it really doesn't matter.
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