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Peace vs. Human Rights: Settling with the Taliban

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Tommy Jefferson Avatar
Tommy Jefferson
Posted: 06.12.10, 04:44 AM
America learned nothing from Vietnam. Slaughtering third-world peasants for corporate profits results in crushing national debt and massive wealth redistribution from the poor to the rich. Good luck with that.
browser111 Avatar
Posted: 06.06.10, 08:56 AM
Michael Semple should try to understand the doctrine of Islamists and jihad rather than project his Christian-based concepts of universal values and justice on the Taliban. They want a society run by Allah; not democratic institution building and human rights. To them proper human behavior is defined in the Quran and Hadith. Submission to those prescriptions is required not human rights. Settling with the Taliban is not going to bring co-option of the extremists but rather victory for political Islam.