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Dr. Louann Brizendine: The Male Brain

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Fireblade Avatar
Posted: 01.11.12, 04:16 PM
Not so funny! No clear message or breakthrough... Very lousy camera work. Next time don't leave a camera on and pick it up once the talk is over. This is definitely an interesting wasted subject.
onizero Avatar
Posted: 05.04.11, 12:31 AM
I'll agree that it was weird, with Dr. Brizendine giggling at feminist insiders and anecdotal accounts of her attempt to feminize her own son. But her core message is intact and supported. There are true physiological differences between male and female brains. there is no reason to try and lump male and female bio-chemistry into a single data-point. I think that most people let their own emotions (or indoctrinated culture)get in the way of seeing the point. also i see alot of comments attacking her communication skills as opposed to her science. Dr. Brizendine was obviously speaking to the chemical differences in male/female "operating systems" not to the higher "application" logic of the human mind. As much as I was put off by her single (read: subjective) perspective. I learned a lot from her lecture. Thank you
Pablito Avatar
Posted: 01.30.11, 05:14 PM
I find this video very informative. Thank you!
RMaxwell Avatar
Posted: 08.21.10, 06:39 PM
Agreed, t'was more book tour than lecture.
fernandopinto Avatar
Posted: 08.14.10, 06:02 PM
What do you think Sigmund Freud would think about you theory?... It looks like you were saying us that, in a certain way, our brains are only a matter of sex, or the opposite, sex emptiness. And, don't you think that your constantly references to you family can have negative effect in the scientifc consistency of your work?
fernandopinto Avatar
Posted: 08.14.10, 05:39 PM
Yes, I agree
Quote: Originally Posted by aragon Poor camera work in this video. Minimal following of the slides and the speaker goes out of frame a few times. Bit annoying. Cmon. Yes, I agree!...
Jsland Avatar
Posted: 07.08.10, 10:04 AM
For a scholar, she giggled a lot about her subject. I certainly know many men who do not fit into her small, confined, American-centric definitions. It makes one wonder how careful her research actually was.
Coda Mars Avatar
Coda Mars
Posted: 06.24.10, 12:39 PM
This is science? This isn't science...this is anti-male sexism. I expect more from FORA. Those little "jokes" are offensive to me as a male and personally I'm tired of the hypocrisy.
Trevar Avatar
Posted: 06.21.10, 10:32 AM
@manos: The video file was indeed corrupt. I've updated it, and the video now plays through to the end. Thanks for the heads-up.
manos Kornel Avatar
manos Kornel
Posted: 06.19.10, 11:28 AM
Something is definitely wrong. I tried different browsers, the video stops at question 8 abruptly and I can't watch any of the final questions even if I try to skip number 8.

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