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Lord Martin Rees: Life and the Cosmos

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Antonio Pereira Coutinho Avatar
Antonio Pereira Coutinho
Posted: 08.28.10, 05:06 PM
Lord Martin Reed joked of those saying that had been visited by aliens. Not nice from a wise man. The world is very complex as he stated several times, that we know very little, and finally ended the lecture on life and the cosmos, by describing of how aliens would have been observing the changes and evolution on Earth in the last million and thousand years. His conclusions on aliens, none. The UK is very rich with alien facts happening on a daily basis. I am not talking of wind mills going down, No, I am speaking of crop messages. Space is the outback. Lets think first of our Earth. They are messaging us already for a long time. I wonder if he has time to consider two issues, which for many of us are so obvious already. About Earth aliens : If there are invisible beings around us on Earth, as there are indeed, then we will have to deal with a new level of complexity never foreseen by the Pros before. He is not prepared for this. Then when that time will come, because it will, new inputs will play a major role on our world evolution studies. About Humans: What makes us diferent from each other after all? Does he know that we Humans have 12 types of matching profiles? Has anyone in the western World tried to group DNA type profiles according to the zodiac elements? What forces induce this human profiling from birth? The BigBang, Universe expansion, and other theories, are very interesting in fact, but thats the outback! Aliens are here already. Take your cameras, with an UV filter, and start shooting around using in adittion your camera inbuilt filters. You maybe surprised. And they are here because this is a special planet which has gone dried in some places and wet in other places over the millenium years. Too much rain sometimes, too little rain some other times. Why? Viewing from the moon the all subject is clear like water.
chawil Avatar
Posted: 07.13.10, 12:36 PM
Unique place in the cosmos? I don't think so. The cosmos got along pretty well for untold billions of years, as we measure time, before we showed up and it will carry on long after we're gone. My own opinion is that will happen some time in the next ten thousand years, although we might go on for as long as 2 or 3 hundred thousand but it's doubtful. If we don't destroy ourselves then conditions will change, our particular talents for surivival will no longer be effective and we'll be gone along the other 90%+ of all species that have existed on this planet that we know of.
Akhan Avatar
Posted: 05.29.10, 09:05 PM
An educational glaze of the theory of everything, done well with an experienced master of cosmology.

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