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The G20 and the Future of Global Economic Governance

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Dforce Avatar
Posted: 06.22.10, 09:36 AM
The "steering committee" have driven their beloved global capitalism off a cliff! Well done lamy;A bureau-crapique mediocrity par excellence! We need much more of this ineptitude to finish off the granidose stupidity of a federal europe also.
Mark Sullivan Avatar
Mark Sullivan
Posted: 05.19.10, 10:00 PM
"Global Economic Governance" is not possible, is not adviseable and works only in the mind of totalitarians "on paper," where all collectivist, economic controls are created. In the world of flesh and blood human beings, with unkowable, unlimited, diverse ends, only the free market with minimal state action in the way will provide maximum freedom for the individual. The Market is impersonal - governments deliberately choose winners and losers. Just wait until all of the well intentioned regulations and "governance" from these beurocrats are initiated. The consequences will be disastrous.