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Philip Zimbardo: The Secret Powers of Time (Animated)

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theknopfknows Avatar
Posted: 07.18.12, 10:08 AM
THIS FANTASTIC EDUCATIONAL TOOL THANK YOU. "Do not let schooling, get in the way of Learning." Mark Twain.
brux Avatar
Posted: 03.30.11, 09:34 AM
Great art! Just like we are doing by changing the environment we are changing the environment of people drastically - who knows what the hell we will have in a few decades. Amazing, we are killing everything we touch.
Dahlia Avatar
Posted: 02.27.11, 10:07 AM
that was super! thanks!
Srecko Avatar
Posted: 02.10.11, 06:53 AM
According to my research time t is a numerical order of motion in a 4D space.
James_Smith Avatar
Posted: 02.04.11, 09:30 PM
Does anybody know where i might find psychology articles on the mental time zone subject? I have exhausted myself trying to find some but I cannot.
Lee Webb Avatar
Lee Webb
Posted: 01.21.11, 10:40 AM
Philip is exactly right about kids being BORED in school. I have a SOLUTION! Read topic #4 of PLEASE!
Eric25001 Avatar
Posted: 12.21.10, 05:24 AM
IMPULSE CONTROL Some have more than others. Some is genetic. Some is environment. What do we do with those who lack impulse control?
cfiz Avatar
Posted: 12.16.10, 09:51 PM
Quote: Real world doesn't forgive failure? I guess I might as well kill myself after I flunk a quiz, misplay a piano sonata, or run a red light. Real life is less forgiving than video games. Video games are 100% forgiving. If you fail a video game level, you just reset and get to try again as if nothing at all happened. You lose NOTHING except for the time spent trying to pass the level. In real life there are often serious consequences for failing. Try being fired because you didn't work hard enough, or you just happened to get unlucky and fail, and then see how forgiving life is to you. You'll have trouble finding a new job, cause people won't want to hire someone who flunked their past job. School is a bit more forgiving, but still, your grades determine what college you get into, and ultimately what job you'll get, and whether you'll be a McDonald's lifer who can barely feed themselves or a successful and rich professional. The real world is VERY unforgiving when it comes to career related failures.
CharlesBivona Avatar
Posted: 09.19.10, 02:35 PM
He's right about one thing, the educational system in the United States is stale, and techno-phobic. Furthermore, the whole organization of the classroom is wrong, and the students are increasingly unable to tolerate it. They leave the 21st century and enter a 1950s style, top down authority mill. I run a very relaxed classroom, and still feel stifled by the student's understanding of my power over them. "You pass or fail us," one of my students pointed out, "so your opinion is the only one that matters." This makes an open exchange of ideas, and honest debate over controversial opinions, virtually impossible. I think online education is the only viable option for the future. We have to meet our students on their turf, speak their language, and communicate in their way--social networking, IMs, texts. It's the only way to reach them. But that's just my humble opinion. Charles Bivona The Active Voice
georg_instancer Avatar
Posted: 07.23.10, 02:45 AM
Interesting although it contains far too many flaws and generalizations. It’s not the first attempt to put people in boxes, it’s a 'nice' and 'clean' idea but it doesn’t work. We are far too complex. It also reflects a lot of Zimbr's prejudices from his Judaeo-Christian background: present thinking equals empty Hedonism. Why not present positive equals Humanism, modern Epicureanism or Buddhism (Buddhist 'now' and 'here' concept), and present negative equals consumerism, materialism?

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