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RSA Events: What Should Everyone Know?

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farmerjoe Avatar
farmerjoe +
Posted: 12.28.11, 11:40 PM
Oliver Kamm presents perhaps the most useless advice imaginable. "Know your own culture?" An ignorant Afghan villager gains demonstrably harmful knowledge by embracing his own culture. "Pursue a liberal arts education?" Perhaps an education that is beneficial to you and your society/economy... like a degree in medicine, engineering, agriculture, biology, etc. And claiming that a "Vocational Education dates rapidly"? Codes and practices do change, in a process of continuous evolution for the improvement of the trade. Applying the same evolution to a liberal arts education could only improve it.
theknopfknows Avatar
Posted: 09.26.10, 04:29 PM
Thank You, What Everyone should know. You are born unknowing therefore your purpose is to know, first yourself, community, city, state ,country, world, then go home and take all that you learned put it to work to help mankind, Do the right thing, be harmless. If your unhappy travel Wide, you might do better elsewhere, you can always go home, yet it has been said That a well rounded person has lived and learned in another country and culture, other than where they were born. Be original, think for yourself and remember, What others think of you, is none of your business, LIVE YOUR OWN LIFE