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Expedition: Papua New Guinea with Jack Dumbacher

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GiveTruth AChance Avatar
GiveTruth AChance
Posted: 05.23.11, 04:24 PM
Geographically, Australia is a continent, not an island. As a landform, it could be considered an island as it is entirely surrounded by water and not joined onto any other land mass. For this reason, it is often referred to as an island continent. Australia is too big to be formally classified as an island. The world's largest island is Greenland.
nickthelight Avatar
Posted: 05.18.11, 04:35 PM
Interesting, but I thought Heather Mills McCartney has been about for longer. If you touch her it really costs you!
alanm321 Avatar
Posted: 05.18.11, 12:51 PM
This is crazy!
rsc Avatar
Posted: 05.13.11, 09:37 PM
Eh? 2nd largest Island after Greenland? Ever noticed the rather large Island just to the south of it called Australia? Come on, add some geography to your biology!
ravindra kamath Avatar
ravindra kamath
Posted: 04.06.10, 05:19 AM
some poisonous fishes owe their toxicity to bacterias a possible alternate route for toxin incorporation.