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America's Involvement in the World: James A. Baker

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AGENTE"B"1633. Avatar
Posted: 08.11.10, 08:30 AM
good morning
theknopfknows Avatar
Posted: 07.17.10, 10:01 PM
Ethical imperative, 700 bases 110 countries, a little over kill. America needs the world! quite a statement, USA set that up to be the Military watch dog ever since Hiroshima. WE NEED THE WORLD! America has pushed themselves on Nations in trouble to take over, like Haiti and Nicaragua, Honduras, Chile Cuba! Corporation Dictatorship The Military Industrial Complex, has lost its luster with drone attacks, torture methods, trillion dollars spent on unnecessary wars. We destroyed Japan, at the cost of the taxpayer and after we use the taxpayers money to rebuild Germany and Japan. America spends too much money nursing nations that HATE FREEDOM! Millions goes to Egypt, Turkey, King Omar Kadaffi got a new weapons deal from OBAMA. America attracts its own problems! Selling arms to Everyone and like the Taliban uses American weapons killing Americans, laughingly Muslim world loves that! A form of justice, killing you with your own weapon. Einstein said You can not solve a problem with the same mind you created the problem. Baker is the same mind that created this Illusion of Empire. Foreign policy was and is, Never let a disaster go to waste.Milton Freedman. The money that goes to Israel is tagged spoken for. The Americans get back Intelligence, Military technology, Agriculture Oranges in the desert, remember.There is a exchange its not CHARITY. USA gives nothing away for free! Egypt gets almost as much as Israel, Who is complaining! Iraq has suicide deaths daily and there will be a civil war between the Sunnis and The rest.Saudi and Jordon support Sunni, Iran support Shiites, Turkey supports Iran, So Iraq is still torn apart, Kurds want some of Iraq and Turkey, 35 million people with no country. Turkey is ready to kill them all-Kurds. Taliban drags the USA into Pakistan and Yemen, and from there Somalia ,Ethiopia. Information age is a double edged sword.Loss of privacy, loss of Principles, Drones covers technology and morality, How about the sanity of our soldiers home coming, becomes a horror show. What you do to others you do to yourself! Its TIME to See yourself in others then whom can you harm, be harmless! Thank you Foratv!
Mark Sullivan Avatar
Mark Sullivan
Posted: 05.29.10, 12:26 PM
I would like to see a more focused America. Our influence is only beneficial if those we influence take the ball and run with it and create sustainable prosperity and justice for their own people and the nations around them. I would prefer that we not be the 911 force of the world. There is a problem, however. Other nations do not seem willing to respond to problems around the globe. I was stunned at the relative inaction of European nations during the many conflicts that have occured there - Bosnia, Kosovo, Georgia. The big question is, should any nation insert itself into the geopolitical conflicts outside of their borders at all? Should anyone intervene in Darfur? Under what circumstances and by what principles - moral, legal, ethical and dare I say, religious - should the decision to intervene be based upon? Do nations still care about problems outside their borders enough to get involved? Do nations have the money to get involved? Is the United Nations useful any longer? Should free nations belong to and support an organization with the purpose of assisting tyrannies that are also member states? If the decision was mine, I would make a few changes to the Unites States' role in the world, although I must admit, that the possible unintended consequences may be grave for other nations. I would close almost all military bases in Europe and expect European nations to defend themselves. I would leave Korea and expect South Korea and other Asian nations to stand against North Korea and moderate their own conflicts. I would end almost all foreign aid, particularly with any nation that is not free and friendly to the United States. I would focus on American influence being based on our principles as they are lived at home and the way in which we deal with other nations diplomatically. These are all admittedly Polyannish steps, but America is stretched, broke and divided at home because of what I see as an over ambitious, unsustainable stance abroad. Our defense, implied and actual, of Europe essentially subsidises their welfare states. It makes no sense. They have been able to push their fiscal problems into the future because Spain, Greece and other European nations know that if the shit hit the fan, The United States would defend them. By expecting all nations to provide for their defense and other essential national responsibilities is an essential part of building solid, independent partners. I am for free trade, free people and making the lives of tyrannies as difficult as possible through tough diplomacy. I would like to see non-democratic nations removed from the United Nations. If each member nation has the same vote in the General Assembly, then the financial obligations to the UN should be identical. Lastly, I am longing for the day when these ageing "Cold Warriors" not be the "go to" consultants when problems occur in the world.

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