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Beth Noveck: Transparent Government

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catfitz Avatar
Posted: 04.18.10, 12:27 AM
Beth Noveck simply cannot explain the basic truth: why does she essentially oppose private property, intellectual property and patents? She has a visceral hatred of private property with an ideological zeal we have not seen in a long time so near the heart of government. Under the guise of reviewing or revising the system, she is working at liberating property, just like her ideological soul-mate Lawrence Lessig, and raising the most outrageous ahistorical arguments to do so. Abusive monarchical control? Granting monopolies? Totally overheated and radical speech. Whatever problems there might be in this U.S. parent office, backlogs or efficiency problems, the solution isn't to destroy the patent system -- which is what Noveck is up to here, disguise it as she may Suddenly -- and note how she slips this in! -- if someone isn't an expert, and doesn't have a Ph.D. in a subject (like herself), they cannot make a claim to patents! Awful stuff! Litigation isn't proved as the failure she imagines. Decision making power may be in the hands of "too few" -- but they are people elected or appointed by the elected. Beth Noveck is now one of them, but she is not accountable to the public. Few know what she is up to here. People with patents don't realize what a devastating blow she is trying to make against them. None of this is transparent. Her office's "transparency" in publishing a list of some staff's salaries at did not include her own salary. Thank God, Beth herself is in a short-term position, as Obama's radicals will ensure that he will not get a second term. The backlash is going to be very ugly. Leftists like Noveck should restrain themselves and their full-tilt assault on the American system if they don't want to see the president we elected marginalized. Factionalism? Thomas Jefferson said that factions were the oxygen of democracy. National sovereignty? Neither Russia nor China or any other major powers are shedding sovereignty. Why should America? The globalized interconnected world that Noveck imagines is a utopian vision that practically now, while she is in power, amounts to her figuring out how to hijack a federal office and do an end-run around Congress. Obama's call not to hold hostage confirmations isn't addressing the issue of the need for Congress, still and all, to have a say in the confirmations. Reactionary popularism comes from the fact that half the country voted for this president, and the other haven't, and they have not been persuaded. As for her reference to Jefferson's consultation on alchemy as being "like" crowdsourcing (!), there's a big difference between one person going to another trusted expert and "crowdsourcing" in nonce groups on the Internet, often random anonymous people who can become abusive. Re-engineering?! what a word to use! Re-invention?! The opensource technocommunist movement destroyed the news, media, and related industries. You now want to sic these destructive forces on government? No thanks! It's wrong to replicate the objectionable culture of opensource software production on to other human endeavours. Like Lessig's forced browbeating of people to "share" their content for free on the Internet with Creative Communism, which destroys the connection to commerce, so Noveck's notion of disruption of the patent system is ultimately about liberating other people's content. People with patents are the stakeholders of this system, not Wikitarians and technocommunists. Let them come together without such "facilitators" like random garage mechanics (or so she claims) and change the system if they feel it no longer serves to help them get and keep patents. "Participatory democracy" is a code word from Port Huron days, the radical ideals of Tom Hayden and others. And even Beth realizes that "direct democracy" would give people too much power and *her* not enough. In Noveck's cerebral notion, "Deliberative democracy" has to be junked because it's "talk not action" so hey, better that some elites "get stuff done" in "collaboration" where select cadres in a group decide things that the public should have a say in through their elected representatives. It's overthrowing democracy in the most crude Bolshevik fashion, once you strip away all the jargon and fast pallaver that Noveck is producing here. Yes, let's get rid of "talk" and "achieve things in the world," eh? Leave all the driving to Beth. Gosh, that individual vote, that individual comment -- doesn't it get in the way! Crisis camps? But you have to really *look* at what these "hackathons" achieved. They didn't attract users. They weren't followed. They didn't get used. They had websites to "crowdsource" we need/we have stuff -- but they weren't really relevant. There isn't any real analysis, quality control or these fatuous self-adulatory systems thinking that they are "helping humankind". I don't want an oceanic feeling of being part of a network. There isn't accountability to such networks, that tend to to place a disguise of groups and crowds over the fact that individual cadres decide everything -- just as Beth does about her blog in selecting issues and quickly closing comments. Who gets to decide what is re-engineered, Beth? You and a network of Silicon Valley big IT chiefs? No thank you.
sirvedeus Avatar
Posted: 03.24.10, 01:19 PM
I'm surprised patents are such a young practice. Perhaps there are earlier examples of the concept of monopolizing production being applied.
Eranonymous Avatar
Posted: 03.17.10, 10:20 AM
It's a wonder how people are to use these new tools of so-called transparency of government is going to be utilized by a society without proper education. Not meaning proper education as in the masses of people that have not gone to college/universities, but rather the short comings and failures of the education system itself towards actually guiding it's students towards holistic and generalist, planet friendly knowledge, as opposed to the narrow specialization, business (monetary) based and destructive teachings we have and have had for the entire history of the institution. Making these changes towards, again, the so-called transparent gov plan, solely helps appease the disgruntled and dissenting masses due to the failure of an outmoded and obsolete economic system. It serves to quiet us down for a while longer until we catch up a bit later on, no matter how altruistic or whole heartedly these people paid by the gov are doing what they do. It's missing a holistic perspective to the problems that face our species and the planet. We face self annihilation, and all we seem to do is patch work.
Eranonymous Avatar
Posted: 03.17.10, 09:49 AM
The only reason why the so called conspiracy theorist's concerns and other profound social questions getting put on the back burner by this self moderating system is because we have become so awash in the mundane and monotony of daily life where we do not have to ask critical questions, rather we are told what to think and do constantly. So much so that when anything like UFO's, or the Kennedy assassination, our primitive reactionary response is to immediately shut it down and oppose it as some kind of nonsense as opposed to addressing the concern and finding out for one's self. But we've become lazy. We want to be told, and when we're told we simply repeat repeat repeat and claim that we know something. We've become the self appointed guardians of the status quo, With unquestioning faith in the convolution and hysteria of the media and confused social systems.
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