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Robert Mnookin: Bargaining with the Devil

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Commonwealth Club of California

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marktrop Avatar
Posted: 03.24.11, 01:50 PM
its interesting the negative comments people have about people. There are some comments about William Ury in another web tube. I wish people who make these comments could get to go over to Harvard and spend a few days around these people. I'd be curious to see what the resultant comments would be. I'd bet money an expansive upgrade would flow. But perhaps I am wrong. But wouldn't it be a great experiment to see.
Detson Avatar
Posted: 03.30.10, 06:39 PM
Petkov, what do you mean by that? We're not even sure what point of view you are advocating. The internet is full of angry people; nobody pays any attention.
marcosjuarez Avatar
Posted: 02.24.10, 02:59 PM
A brilliant master class about negotiation and negotiators.
petkov Avatar
Posted: 02.24.10, 12:12 PM
this guy is just one more big liar, a shill and all around disgusting being that's just "human" in appearance only. As usual, he re writes history the way it suits him and spread lies and nothing else. Real history proves he is just a liar, a shill and a murdered wanna be. Nothing more to be said. I am truly disgusted.