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Reaching the Audience in a Fragmented Media Landscape

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Previous FORAtv comments:
fossape Avatar
Posted: 11.04.10, 01:15 AM
democracy deserves to be hurt
okami Avatar
Posted: 07.02.10, 09:43 PM
maybe so, but he usually makes more sense than the so-called 'real' news shows.
Joel Wendt Avatar
Joel Wendt
Posted: 06.23.10, 08:58 AM
Many people want to act as if this is still a democracy. One has to feel sorry for their inability to admit our real condition: some time ago the Republic (in its macro sense) fell to a used to be hidden oligarchy of wealth. The remnants of the Republic possibly could be forged into something new, but the first requirement is to cease being addicted to the illusion that our involvement in voting (as individual citizens) has any effect on actual macro social policy. Progressives have to stop trying to reform the moral swamp that is Washington D.C., and turn those energies into local situations, where we form self-help communities (instead of working with macro political parties) devoted to solving real local problems regarding local banking and currencies, local food and health issues, and local matters of justice. We have to step outside the box of old thinking, and reinvent the Republic from the ground up locally. We make new social agreements with our neighbors, and try to stay away from following the siren call of macro political battles that just waste energy and accomplish nothing real. Presidents are not saints, and have very limited powers. Keep in mind the lesson of Katrina - we are on our own, and must learn to work together without waiting for big daddy in Washington or in the State Capital, or down at the Mayor's office to save us from what in many circumstances is our own folly. Google "Counter-Moves: finding victory in the war the rich are making upon the poor"
cdriggs Avatar
Posted: 03.08.10, 07:16 AM
I live in St. Petersburg, Florida, and from what I've observed is, the St. Petersburg Times promotes dishonest, corrupt, and criminal candidates. An honest candidate who came from the grass root efforts of the people will be ignored by the St. Petersburg Times, and if mentioned at all, they will be made fun of. To trust the St. Petersburg Times on any grounds is foolish...
envirodude Avatar
Posted: 02.26.10, 04:10 PM
To Stewart’s credit and the market fear of other news outlets, he makes sense to those who have a deeper understanding of many of the issues. The scariest problem for our sociality is the fact the FoxNews can exist and survive. The right can rap a lie in ignorance, the left needs to rap truth it in comedy to avoid the ignorant. The bottom line is, truth is expensive, and opinion is cheap.
theSTARforum Avatar
Posted: 02.25.10, 12:29 AM
The biggest problem with this discusion is WE ARE NOT A DEMOCRACY. We are a Republic. The word Democracy does not appear in our Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, or ANY of the 50 states Constitions. I am tired of people throwing the word Democracy around. A Democracy is actually quite dangerous.
RMarkey Avatar
Posted: 02.24.10, 02:24 PM
Yeah! It WAS a come-on! Shame on FORA for portraying it as such. To the point, however, the fellow who brings up Glass and Stewart was basically rambling about viewership for "story-telling" - not NEWS. The panelists had nothing so much to say as increasing sales, market, penetration -- nothing about insight or what JOURNALISM needs to do. I personally find that withal "The Daily Show's" obvious humor/comedy/pratfalls, there are some REALLY very pointed observations which "MSM" has, still, failed to identify in any clear and obvious way. Yeah, it IS frightening that so many people think that FOX is "unbiased"; so where is the "journalists" response? Don't THEY care about the TRUTH or Information? Or are they just concerned with marketshare like any other commodity for sale?
firedance9 Avatar
Posted: 02.24.10, 09:43 AM
My thoughts exactly. A good hook is important, but c'mon FORA. I didn't click on it because of Jon Stewart's face, I was truly interested in hearing THAT debate and how each side was going to defend their point of view. While the talk was overall interesting, I did feel mislead.
eighteyes Avatar
Posted: 02.24.10, 08:20 AM
Wait wait, let me get this straight. Because some person in the crowd wants to comment about what Ira Glass said on NPR, this deserves the headline in the FORA weekly newsletter? Or are you just trying to capitalize on a criticism of Jon Stewart to drive hits. Either way, I was expecting some worthwhile discussion, not some heckler in the crowd who was categorically dismissed by your esteemed thinkers. I'm not impressed.
BlueBerry Pick'n Avatar
BlueBerry Pick'n
Posted: 02.24.10, 07:45 AM
oh no! the corporations that own CNN might not be heard... ...but what about all those oil rigs & fighter craft that need to be sold? *shriek* the horrors of free speech & mob education... why, all those people who should learn to shut up & do as they're told... ...might get the idea that democracy includes knowing more than what you're told by Money & Power. how dare people listen to anyone but the trusted mouthpieces of Corporate Greed & Oligarchy! They've got some stealing & bombing to get handled ! so shut up & do as your told for American Interests: that's American democracy, that's The American Way! ___________________________________________ Spread Love... BlueBerry Pick'n TheJeffFariasShow airs live: Mon-Fri, 6-9pm Eastern Standard ___________________________________________ call Toll-Free: 1800.385.1566 ___________________________________________ "We, two, form a Multitude" ~ Ovid. "Silent Freedom is Freedom Silenced" ___________________________________________

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