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Referendum on the Jewish Deli Menu

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sjpor1 Avatar
Posted: 03.09.10, 10:49 PM
Nice Restaurant,
Lovely video. And my mighty Linux box handles the mp4 very nicely, thanks. I visited Saul's a couple of years ago on holiday.Since I got a new job this year, I've moved to Fordingbridge in Hampshire, which makes the airports easier to reach. I also love Herring. But while we have two alleged delis in the village, incredibly they don't do Herring. In the end the local game butcher kindly got me my Herrings from Speyside in Scotland, superb, but at £14 a tub I have enough for two months. Meanwhile the cafe close to where I work has a similar attitude to Saul's, and sources everything locally. Their Flapjacks are the best I've ever had, their roast chicken sandwiches are made with real, freshly roasted corn-fed, still warm, and the Arlesford Champagne Truffle chocolates were so good that I bought several packs and sent some to my mum. Will I be going back anytime soon? As John Wayne said in The Searchers, "That'll be the day."
Stephen Hill Avatar
Stephen Hill
Posted: 02.19.10, 02:17 AM
Great discussion
Smart people, important issues (food, energy, sustainability), informative and funny!
KenLeebow Avatar
Posted: 02.17.10, 07:40 AM
Based on watching this video, it seems like you believe 100% of people who go to a deli must have a "mile-high" sandwich. Sure a certain percentage love that, however, many think it's expensive and over the top. As Michael Pollan likes to state: "Make it an occasional "treat". Ken Leebow Feed Your Head
Gnarlodious Avatar
Posted: 02.17.10, 07:38 AM
I want pastrami.

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