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Rupert Murdoch: The Future of Newspapers

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Previous FORAtv comments:
theknopfknows Avatar
Posted: 07.14.11, 12:18 PM
Murdoch a Jew from Down under,Great Capitalist Capitalism produces Men like Murdoch. 14 years ago He put tony Blair in office Tony more Murdoch`s poodle than Bush poodle. Murdoch Knows Communist China influence Australia too much.He brought Simpsons to America ans mesmerized the USA PUBLIC. Fox news O`Really Hannity etc, And FOX SPORTS, trained the public to watch.Murdoch a multi-media GLOBAL PLAYER, just another smart JEW.
theknopfknows Avatar
Posted: 07.14.11, 12:12 PM
SMART JEW FROM DOWN UNDER, CAPITALISM IS A DIRTY BUSINESS! MURDOCH 14 years ago put tony Blair in office. He brought the Simpsons to America Fox sports etc, why not Murdoch PURE CAPITALISM! So what if He Hacks The GOV`t is worse.
jk147a Avatar
Posted: 08.04.10, 08:07 AM
In the UK his media are the most base of all the options available. They are filled with outright lies, scandal, nudity and they present a perverted view of not just politics but of the planet. Personally I wouldn't use his scandal sheets to wipe my bum let alone pay to read his crypto-fascist world view.
Jann Avatar
Posted: 08.04.10, 04:36 AM
What News - Mr. Murdoch ?
nickwolf Avatar
Posted: 04.13.10, 11:30 AM
Yeah! If youe vision is Dante's Inferno !!!
nickwolf Avatar
Posted: 04.13.10, 11:28 AM
Murdoch has created a pure propaganda political station. To get money from Corporations and pushes one political party. He is Bagdad Bob in all his pretend news coverage. Rober Ailes, a creep who I knew from Channel 8 in Cleveland, starts with what he wants the story to end like and then builds backwards to show his outcome. He is a Radical, Right Wing, Ponyboy for the Rich and the Republican Party. There is no question that in a Court of law, that Faux News can be proven to over and over again mal represent false news....for it's private Neo-con views. Name me one other News outlets that sponcers extremist political rallies etc etc like Faux Spews! Once convicted in a court of law, which is easily done, their license should be removed and the Treason setting Murdoch should be deported permanantly.! Bring back the Fairness Doctrine, these termites would be uncovered for the poisonous bugs they proveably are!
davidbischke Avatar
Posted: 03.26.10, 03:06 PM
I can't believe conservatives have such reverence for this man. What has Murdoch tried to conserve? Through the tabloidization of media and culture he and his empire have done irreparable harm to the public discourse.
fredgleeck Avatar
Posted: 03.25.10, 02:35 AM
Murdoch is a true visionary. I disagree with him as it relates to the WSJ. I THINK that within 24 months the Journal will be either MUCH lower priced or free. The niche is not sufficiently small to make the (close to) $100 a year pricing a sustainable number. My GUESS is that revenue maximization will rest at somewhere around $30 for the year . . . if that. Fred Gleeck
dennisoneill4 Avatar
Posted: 03.24.10, 06:41 AM
Murdoch has been brilliant at shaking up the liberal media establishment that had a corner on the news market for decades. Fox News actually reports on issues that don't fit within the liberal narrative that the liberal media establishment forces on the American public and for that he is reviled by the dogmatic left.
Dforce Avatar
Posted: 03.11.10, 10:38 AM
Murdoch;a loathsome,sociopath who has done more to destroy diversity in mainstream media than anyone else in the past 50 years;How ever things have changed and when collapse comes he will be just another impotaent,scrawny old former-billionaire ;Die Fucker!