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Rethinking How to Feed The World

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Harryda Avatar
Posted: 02.06.10, 10:50 AM
"The pollen from a gm crop has the potential to end life as we know it. - The companies who make GM crops want nothing less then the enslavement of all humanity. - Do yourself a favor and research the damage gm crops can do before coming on here and ranting about how the rest of the world is ignorant and you are so enlightened." Sounds like you are the one who is ranting and ignorant. However, if you can provide one instance where any of your statements has been proven true, I will reconsider your post.
Matthew Smith Avatar
Matthew Smith
Posted: 02.06.10, 08:35 AM
Quote: GM crops have made people sick and dead. Total Rubbish. There is no evidence to support that claim. There are legitimate fears about accidentally introducing new retroviruses etc, but nature's variety is also quite creative at producing new diseases, so that's not even a one sided argument. Biodiversity is at risk from all agriculture. It is purely a question of land use. The more we need for agriculture, the less is available for wildlife. When we increase the yield per hectare, that reduces the pressure on biodiversity in the unfarmed wilderness. GM is one of the tools which helps this.
tp1024 Avatar
Posted: 02.06.10, 06:24 AM
I don't know which video you saw, but it couldn't be the one I saw. In the one I saw it was clearly pointed out, that the amount of food grown on the available land is more than enough. Also, there was a sharp contrast between representatives from developed countries with huge surpluses and not yet developed countries with shortages. While the former kept droning on about genetically modified crops, the latter were talking about tractors, (any) irrigation (at all), conventionally bred seeds, fertilizers, access to markets (at home and abroad), access to education and decent infrastructure for transport. Don't get me wrong. I think that genetically modified crops can be great, though not in the way they are currently being developed and distributed. (I will not go into the details, this is a comment, not a book. ) The problems people, especially in Africa, are having, though, are of a completely different kind. And no, those can't be solved by exporting 30,000 tractors to Africa. But some may be solved by providing African entrepreneurs with the knowhow, intellectual property (=patents) and governmental backing necessary to build their own tractor plants (you'll find a few with enough money even in Africa), employing state of the art technology to design and manufacture cheap, basic tractors that are adapted to local needs.
thirdeye3000 Avatar
Posted: 02.06.10, 12:46 AM >>GM crops have made people sick and dead<< Please post the reputable news source from which this was derived. (If it happened, even once, media would jump on this kind of front page story). >>There's many examples now of ecosystems being overtaken by GM crops<< If it's true, it wouldn't be very surprising. We engineered them to flourish. That's the point. People used to be pretty uneasy eating something from a microwave. Not the case anymore. All those people became rambling raisins in nursing homes. Same for GM foods. Same with superstitious you. Science Baby. But don't take my word for it, (or the activists above). Ask the Scientists in the field, who BTW don't receive money from any corporation.
keenhumor Avatar
Posted: 02.06.10, 12:27 AM
Let me correct myself: engineered foods that ARE NOT transgenic are better, since they only mix between the same species -rice with rice, for example, instead of rice with some totally unrelated organism.
keenhumor Avatar
Posted: 02.06.10, 12:04 AM
Many good points well-raised. From the first to last. I think the price of food should be higher. This would also be able to pay for better means of production even if it means they are more labor intensive. (much like green, new technology that is more expensive but cleaner, better and in the long run perhaps our only choice). Organic food has become more expensive to grow, but is generally regarded as healthier (and becoming scientifically confirmed). There is difference between GM and trans-genetic, as Bill Gates implicitly said. Engineered transgenetics is not as bad as engineering food seeds with totally unrelated bacteria genes, for example. Hence the need for "responsible technology" and also that big corporations stay out of this. They clearly have in mind first and foremost profit, even above people's health and high standards. This is an old problem still going on... food companies (like processing companies and biotech companies) have shown to be awfully greedy and concern about social justice for people around the world is clearly way down in their list. These are very rich companies, they have the power to help alot. They don't. Very sad that such a clear and powerful question raised about the issues of obesity and surplus of food production in many countries, was completely shut down with no response! It was the only one! What is this? This whole problem is about : -Bringing up the education of the societies that cannot grow food themselves. Like Nigeria for example. It is a shame they import their rise. They have to fix this problem. They must unite as a country and show their support for their own society. And the gov't must in turn nurture that potential for work and development of the people around the basic issue of agriculture. Not society can survive without it. And it is not some foreign corporation that is gonna come to save you. Donors, unless investing on grassroots education and social forces for the people to motivate in a shared goal, is not going to help either.
Rym Avatar
Posted: 02.05.10, 10:27 PM
You are exactly right, manzanitaz. I'd like to believe Gates means well, but if so it's unfortunate he's getting fed dubious information (possibly from his foundation's grantees) causing him to spend money on projects that will most likely do more harm than good. This recent article from the Nation outlines in detail how global hunger is mostly a problem of distribution, not production: And Jeffrey M. Smith has done lots of great research about the hazards of GMOs, much of which can be found at this site:
manzanitaz Avatar
Posted: 02.05.10, 04:09 PM
I'm sorry to inform you farmer joe but the ignorant one is you.. GM crops have wreaked havoc on nature and humans in just the short amount of time they have been around.. Millions of years of evolution being replaced is not only foolish but downright selfish.. GM crops have made people sick and dead.. They have also severely limited bio-diversity.. There's many examples now of ecosystems being overtaken by GM crops.. Not to mention the mass suicides in india due to the farmers bieng essentially slaves to the big business who "sell" the seeds and own the farmers.. GM crops were not invented to stop hunger, they were invented to make companies rich ,period.. The companies who make GM crops want nothing less then the enslavement of all humanity.. They have already litigated countless farmers into oblivion due to their pollen crossing with a native farmers crop.. The GM companies claim it's "their" crop due to the gm dna present and claim ownership of a legitimate farmers livelihood.. That is a crime against all humanity in itself.. And then there's the part of polluting the genes of every living organism on the planet.. It's a crime of unimaginable evil.. To tell me that it's the ignorant poor people fault for not using GM crops is downright sinister.. You need to rethink your position carefully.. The pollen from a gm crop has the potential to end life as we know it.. The frankensteins who made these gm seeds need to be stopped before it's too late for a reversal.. Do yourself a favor and research the damage gm crops can do before coming on here and ranting about how the rest of the world is ignorant and you are so enlightened..
farmerjoe Avatar
farmerjoe +
Posted: 02.04.10, 10:01 PM
As a farmer and agronomist, the factor limiting my yield is the price of the crop I grow. If the crop was more valuable, then I could invest in more fertilizer, a better planter, additional fungicide applications, tile land, bulldoze brush, afford more employees to increase management intensity, afford to install irrigation infrastructure etc. Doubling yield is very easily achievable. The best thing that can be done is ensuring that the worlds poor can afford to buy food by urbanizing, modernizing, and educating them (especially education to fix the ignorant fear of GM). See