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Michael Pollan on Food Rules: An Eater's Manual

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BlogShag Avatar
Posted: 11.01.10, 10:38 PM
What I want to know is why people are so ignorant about what they should be eating for good nutrition. I can understand kids and teenagers not knowing, but adults??
helenyuen Avatar
Posted: 07.03.10, 05:12 PM
This is a great video. I'm born & raised in Hong Kong & obviously, my diet is mainly Chinese (Cantonese cuisine with white rice, steamed fish & veggies with some meat & most important, it's the seasonal soup made from meat/fish with veggies). Portions are much smaller & primary ingredients for any marinated meat are soya sauce, sugar, oil & corn starch. I just moved to Colorado 4 months ago & trying to watch my diet every day. The only thing I miss most is fresh fish. After watching your video, I'm convinced to skip my favorite routine (grocery shopping in supermarkets) & stick to the local farmer's market. I'm trying to change my husband (from Colorado) to eating a healthier diet. The ice cream part is difficult to change. Do you have any advice on how to eat healthy if you're a frequent hotel stayer who doesn't get home cooked meals most of the time?
AMSS00D Avatar
Posted: 04.09.10, 07:17 PM
Quote: Originally Posted by theareohbee Great talk. Agreed.
commodianus Avatar
Posted: 04.01.10, 07:06 AM
I understand everything this guy is getting at, really I do, but seriously can someone refer him to:
Find_the_Cause Avatar
Posted: 03.21.10, 01:58 PM
This talk and many others do not understand the cause. The main cause is make money at all cost but the nutritional problem is caused by the mining of nutrition from our soils and flushing it into our water ways never to be returned to the soil from which it came. This situation causes us to grow less and less nutritious food each year we do not return the nutrition back to the soil. We need to create a closed loop cycle of nutrition which is the way nature worked until we (humans) interfered with the natural process of closed loop cycles. If you look at a tree in the forest when the leaves fall off the trees they fall to the ground and are reabsorbed into the soil which provide nutrition for next years leaves to grow on the tree. Compare this to what we do. We take the nutrition from the soil in the form of food and never never return said nutrition back to the soil and everyone needs to know the nutrition found in the soil is finite in nature. And anything which is finite can be depleted which is what is happening to nutrition. What is nutrition and where does it ends-up is as important as how the lack of nutrition hurts us. As long as the flow of nutrition is a one way flow out of our soils instead of a closed loop cycle like nature intended the problem of getting proper nutrition to sustain us will only get worse. There are no substitutes to a full complement of micro-nutrients or trace elements which give our food its nutrition which in turns keeps us healthy and fuels our creative, cognitive, and emotional stability. If we do not understand this simple recycling problem we will soon not be able to figure our way out of a wet paper bag. Figure out the cause and find the solution.
AmandaGreen Avatar
Posted: 02.24.10, 09:31 PM
Quote: Originally Posted by Allison Hmmm, milk is advertised on TV... To Allison: MILK IS NOT GOOD FOR YOU... it contains hormones, antibiotics, casein (aka the turmor grower) AND milk has also been linked to causing allergies, asthma, and osteoporosis SO YES michael pollan is still correct in saying do not eat foods that are advertised on TV.
pygorex1 Avatar
Posted: 02.24.10, 09:17 PM
Quote: This talk is more interesting if you listen to Thomas Sowell's talk on how intellectuals manufacture a need for their services by dramatically describing their area of research as a crisis. What gets me about Sowell is that he is a conservative intellectual decrying an epidemic of intellectualism. He is manufacturing a fake "crisis of intellectualism", engaging in the same behavior he seeks to criticize. If he really believes what he purports he should really just shut up . . .
Invictus_88 Avatar
Posted: 02.23.10, 06:45 AM
Bruce Robinson got there first, in the Nineteen-Eighties! A film for our times. :-p
foobaz Avatar
Posted: 02.17.10, 08:43 AM
I started listening to this only because Michael Pollan was supposed to be the guest speaker. I heard an occasional sentence from his mouth and the rest of the time I heard boring comments from boring Jewish guests about boring Jewish deli food. The amazing thing is, they talk about deli food like it was gourmet food or something, and about being Jewish like it was the only ethnic group worth considering. It's like listening to a bunch of Anglos raving about hamburgers and diner food, and acting like Anglo is the only race. All of them need to get a life and travel and experience REAL food from different ethnic groups. Deli food is just Jewish fast food, and while it has its place (quick lunch), there is much more worthwhile food out there (Latino, Italian, French, Asian, etc.).
Sylvain Allard Avatar
Sylvain Allard
Posted: 02.03.10, 07:19 PM
Very interesting video - to watch in order to step back and think about what makes sense to eat and what doesn't.

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