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One Year, Counting: When Will Guantanamo Close?

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Mark Sullivan Avatar
Mark Sullivan
Posted: 03.03.10, 08:23 PM
Keep Gitmo open. Release the prisoners at the end of hostilities, which is what is always done with pows. If they have committed crimes, try them in military courts and carry out the sentences immediately, or return them to their home nations if found innocent. Do not try them in civilian courts. They do not qualify for those protections. Keep them off United States' soil. They are not worth the money required for security of the circus that will take place in the media. I will give them Geneva Convention protections when they comply with the rules of war. Until then, they are enemy combatants and need to sit on the sidelines until we have declared the hostilities over. I have no sympathy for this scum.
Posted: 03.03.10, 07:30 PM
"We must never forget that the record on which we judge these defendants is the record on which history will judge us tomorrow. To pass these defendants a poisoned chalice is to put it to our own lips as well" ~ Robert H. Jackson, chief United States prosecutor Nuremberg 1946 "If the Nuremberg (Nürnberg) laws were applied, then every post-war American president would have been hanged" ~ Noam Chomsky, Linguist Professor Emeritus in MIT
Abbasyou Avatar
Posted: 02.05.10, 05:18 AM
Blaming Bush or others will not solve and even will create more disunity between the Conservatives and Democrats. Instead of attacking each other consult without blaming each other. A great country like United States should surely be able to unite with each other when there is a common threat to foundation of life not only USA but in the World.
Posted: 02.03.10, 01:44 PM
In the most harsh terrorist acts committed by the Bush Admin... which is walking away and has left a mess of the UNited States. The ruling of theses victims or terrorist should be put before a international court to resolve all crimes of both parties involved. This act to bring them a international court is correct because europe also was effect by the 911 movement.
Abbasyou Avatar
Posted: 02.03.10, 11:07 AM
You are right criminals should be tried under American values and the law of the coutnry. But they are not criminals, breakign the law. They want to destroy the Constitution which the law is based on. So how can you apply the law to these individuals who have no human or any values for foundation of humanity. Your Constitution is the root of human living on Planet Earth.
Abbasyou Avatar
Posted: 02.03.10, 11:00 AM
"The judge who is saying that if there is a problem for collecting evidences and it is possible that prisoner goes free. So be it." Certain group or believers of certain ideology or religion have decided to destroy the foundation of the society which is the Constitution of the nation and the justice system is based on this foundation. They are not breaking the law. They are attacking the foundation the core of a nation which the law and the justice is the fruit of that foundation or the Constitution. If they were breaking the law, his comments make sense. They are attacking the root or the foundation of life of a society. I think the judge or people like him have a full understanding of the law and justice associated with the law. But they are lacking totally the wisdom of justice.
Arthur McKenzie Avatar
Arthur McKenzie
Posted: 01.29.10, 08:08 PM
Absolutely right what the judge said. What he didn't say, which is equally valid, is that we need to remind ourselves that the accused have no rights beyond those that everybody else has. Unfortunately the so-called whistleblower grandstander demolition expert doesn't know that - he's too busy listening to his lips flapping.
ethorson Avatar
Posted: 01.29.10, 06:17 PM
The judge has it exactly right. People who advocate a different set of rules for terrorists miss the point. The reason they must be given the benefit of American protections is because of US not THEM. We must believe enough in our system of laws to take the risk that someone guilty may be acquited. If we set up "kangaroo" courts then we are no better than North Korea and we deserve no respect. I am always amazed at the cowardice coming from people who argue that their "safety" trumps all other concerns. We would still be a British colony if our founders put safety above principle.

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