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Todd Disotell: A New Tale of the Primate Split

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Eric25001 Avatar
Posted: 07.07.10, 09:42 PM
Now that data is out on Neander DNA in European and Asian sources but not African sources; What does that say? Maybe we need to revisit some questions! Time will tell us more!
Rich Lather Avatar
Rich Lather
Posted: 01.30.10, 06:53 PM
Robert Rucker Avatar
Robert Rucker
Posted: 01.27.10, 07:07 AM
Where in the family tree did the first Mohawk occur?
RobertM025 Avatar
Posted: 01.26.10, 09:53 PM
I cannot express enough the frustration in watching and listening to a talk in which the speaker refers to important slides while they are NOT shown in the video. Can anything be done to correct this? Perhaps split screens can be used. What makes the camera person think the slides can be omitted? Robert D. Martin, MD
nitka Avatar
Posted: 01.24.10, 02:37 AM
Agree..:-)Very interesting. I got lost there couple of times lol but it was quite an easy talk to follow on very difficult theme. He is a great speaker. I may re-watch couple of segments for better understanding. Cheers!
Am-Expat Avatar
Posted: 01.24.10, 02:35 AM
I thoroughly enjoyed this talk and probably got a clearer understanding of the subject from this hour and a half than the several books I've read on the splits in the hominid lines. Excellent communicator, for being able to speak on a layman's level about research questions that he describes as "complicated". I tossed out my TV 15 years ago because it seemed to consume too much time that was better used doing life than passively watching it on TV. Fora.TV and the TED Talks series certainly are different creatures entirely. If kids, from a young age were encouraged to watch these, and less TV and computer games our dismal state of education and enthusiasm for learning about the world would be countered. This is exciting real world "stuff" that would fascinate any young person if given the chance to experience it and encourage them to dig deeper out of the joy of discovery.
Greg Pugh Avatar
Greg Pugh
Posted: 01.23.10, 06:39 PM
This was a great talk. He has a unique voice that carries well, gives honest answers to questions and is willing to say "I don't know". I appreciated what I learned from this talk, if only for the fact that I learned that the Human Genome isn't fully understood just yet. I was a little overconfident in the knowledge we had in that area until now. Five stars. ticker