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Pres. Obama Pushes for Unity and Accountability at COP15

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COP15: Climate Summit in Copenhagen

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DDixon Avatar
Posted: 01.20.11, 07:09 PM
Dudes, the world's rainforests are almost gone, we are using finite resources to power our 'economic growth', and investment bankers, corrupt politicians, and corporate CEOs hold all the power, and all hold individual agendas. I think it is time for a change in structure and institutions, and environmental issues, energy sources, and more equitable sharing of resources and food are all intimately linked. Please people let's try to change what is clearly wrong.
triforcelink Avatar
Posted: 02.06.10, 05:34 PM
@Charles -'A' CAN cause 'B' to happen faster - Look at average temperature changes over the last 100 years, and then tell me they have dropped, there are plenty of irregularities in the data to throw you off. the reason people don't listen to your facts is because the facts are too confusing, they have to have background information to understand it, you say "temperatures are falling!" and i say "temperatures are raising!" who are they to believe? these are both facts, but they seem to contradict each other. If global warming is about the long term effects on the environment, then your short term fact wont have much real effect. and where does the government place the money collected through taxing? into clean energy! (they're taking money from one company, and putting it into another! big deal)
Charles(Chip) W. DeVito Avatar
Charles(Chip) W. DeVito
Posted: 02.04.10, 04:05 AM
Does anyone consider the fact the earth's temperature started rising long before Co2 levels did. What does that mean? It means you can't say A caused B if B happened first. Moreover, the earth's temperature has dropped over the last ten years. What does that mean? Man made global warming is a flat out lie. The UN knows well as our elected officials wanting to impose more taxes related to their false claims. It is all about money and power. But I don't expect to change anyone's mind with facts. A man named Henry Rosovsky once said, "Never underestimate the difficulty of changing false beliefs by facts." Those now in government want government to grow. Scientific research is funded by government. Global warming claims create excuses to raise taxes and impose fines, thereby making government larger and more powerful. So those using the "experts findings" are paying the "experts" to find the findings they want found. Do you see the conflict here?
triforcelink Avatar
Posted: 01.28.10, 10:41 AM
i don't know where you get your data from, but according to wikipedia the sea levels have been consistently raising
Richard Guy Avatar
Richard Guy
Posted: 12.20.09, 09:44 PM
Mr President: We have to take recognise that sea levels are falling: seas are receding. Global Warming is a fact of life but sea levels are not rising they are falling. Sea levels are falling all around the world. Since the Tsunami Earthquake on boxing day 2004 sea levels have fallen accumulatively by six feet worldwide. We have to initiate a study of sea level decline and tell small Island states that they will not be swamped. It is a hoax by the rich nations to terrorise small nations to borrow money to build coastal defenses. That is the hidden agenda. Our Earth is getting hotter internally and melting the ice caps but the ice caps will not disappear and sea level wont rise because the decline of sea levels outstrips and additional water from melting icecaps. See; or email: . TEL;347-275-5616 for speaking engagements.
Mark Sullivan Avatar
Mark Sullivan
Posted: 12.18.09, 08:12 PM
Obama did make a comment during his campaign that "water levels would fall," when he was elected. I guess he just wants make good.
nwforager Avatar
Posted: 12.18.09, 07:42 PM
it is to be seen. btw, anybody still recall the ancient term "pollution" ?