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Sec. Clinton Vows $100B for Developing World at COP15

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COP15: Climate Summit in Copenhagen

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Mark Sullivan Avatar
Mark Sullivan
Posted: 01.09.10, 08:19 PM
It makes no sense for the United States to borrow $100 Billion to devote to this amorphous "crisis." It will achieve nothing. This will not change the climate in any way. Everyone knows this, but the charade goes on. Oh, how politicians love to use other peoples' money to make themselves feel good. "Climate Change" is nowhere near the most critical issue of our time. It's not even in my top 50 problems that humans should solve. Candidate Clinton pointed her finger at President Bush for "borrowing money from China to intervene in the world," and here she is proposing the same thing. The United States is not prepared to "embrace this path." Poll after poll shows that the American people, with their healthy mistrust of the United Nations, their own and all government and the veracity of the claims of both regarding "crises," do not see "Climate Change" as anywhere near the problem that Mrs. Clinton is claiming. She is and always has been a corrupt fraud.
arturbarrera Avatar
Posted: 12.24.09, 01:51 AM
I believe in you.
I wrote there in "Obama: A binding deal is still our goal" Artur Landerzon Barrera Garcia 20/12/2009 04:55 These meetings should not create further misunderstandings. Two weeks of meetings is too long. The two or more Appendix should be completed prior to the meeting with at least six (06) months in advance. President Barack Obama, China and India had already fixed position for a month. It is fruitless to try to reach agreement over a hundred countries in a week, but it has done in the year prior to the meeting. The planning, design and purpose of these summits ahould be reviewed in its logistics, strategy and purpose drastically. This is salved in unexpected ways. My congratulations and thanks to the President and Secretary of United States of America, by the bravery, courage and sincerity they showed at the last minute Best regards IngĀ° Artur landerzon Barrera Garcia President INGEO CONSUL BARRERA Caracas, Venezuela
nwforager Avatar
Posted: 12.19.09, 06:59 AM
Sylvain Allard : i was on-board with you until you tout how pollution is 'bullshit'.
Markat1021 Avatar
Posted: 12.19.09, 01:11 AM
Sylvain, you are misguided. Say what you will about Clinton's speech making ability, but the Copenhagen talks are certainly NOT "bullshit" and all those heads of state are NOT talking about "problems that don't exist". I believe that it is good that the US is making this commitment though it may be a bit low. Next year, when a legally binding agreement is (hopefully) made, the figure might change to a level higher than what is proposed now. Clinton was specifically asked exactly how much the US portion of the $100B might be and she noticeably did not answer--that's for the negotiators to figure out. The measly amount of money that will make up the US's portion of the commitment will do a lot more good in the developing countries that use it and for the world at large than if it were just spent domestically. I just hope the US continues to push these talks forward and makes some real progress towards an effective global agreement.
Sylvain Allard Avatar
Sylvain Allard
Posted: 12.18.09, 08:11 AM
Great video: lots of fun, laugh and non-sense. Hearing Ms. Clinton talking on transparency is like having Madoff talking about ethics in finance. Not only the Copenhagen summit is a giant fraud but never Ms. Clinton sounded as false, fake and amateur as here. While unemployment in the US exceeds 10% and 48 out of 50 states experience great difficulties balancing their budget, here she goes throwing $100 billion of Monopoly money to solve problems that don't exist. No question she's a smart woman and she keeps smiling all the way as she knows it pure bullshit.

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