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Naomi Klein Weighs In on Hillary Clinton's COP15 Address

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COP15: Climate Summit in Copenhagen

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AMSS00D Avatar
Posted: 03.12.10, 07:58 PM
Wow, I have a feeling that most of these viewers vote libertarian! yes, global climate destabilization has been going on for years naturally and regardless whether it has been enhanced by human intervention or not the fact that it is happening is abundantly clear. The issue is, do we want to pay into an insurance program which will keep the planet habitable and preserve our ways of life, or do we want to shout about how much money keeping the human race in existence is going to cost and do absolutely nothing maintaining the excuse, "we didn't make the mess, why should we have to clean it up?". If you have children you change their diapers, you didn't crap in the diaper so why should you have to clean it? perhaps because it's a damned health risk which could not only harm your child but also the rest of your household. You created the baby that made the mess, you are responsible for the mess it made! The decision between allowing the planet to rid itself of the human, (and many other species), population or worsening our economic status (which is mostly a bunch of make-believe number systems that could easily be destroy with a simple paradigm shift anyways), seems like a pretty easy problem to solve! I would like my genetic code to continue as long freakin' possible, I am thus totally in favor of helping lesser developed societies in fighting the climate crisis. Furthermore, since you all are soooo concerned with the financial aspect, how about we pull a large chunk of our military back within our own boarders...EVEN BETTER, how about significant budget cuts for the military. Reallocate these funds to efforts which are actually designed to preserving life, such as reformation of the health-care system or combating global climate destabilization? my personal perspective of those who whine about this not being our problem or that we should not help our fellow humans across the globe with this problem are nothing more than cowards who are too afraid to stand up and commit themselves to defending their own race! a pissed off citizen of the planet Earth ~Damian A. Dimock
alfredote Avatar
Posted: 02.23.10, 01:10 AM
re: wsoutherland " The US doesn't owe a single penny to poor and developing countries " Really? ... So your neighbor dumps toxic chemicals in your backyard, or sends putrid fumes that makes your house unlivable, and they don't owe you anything? Read up on your Law 101, pal, and find out what the word "indemnity" means.. ..
lhcamilo Avatar
Posted: 01.19.10, 08:57 PM
since the US has been the biggest polluter in the world until recently and has distributed dictatorships and conflicts through out then I would say that the US does have some liability with respect to that.
Mosscat Avatar
Posted: 12.19.09, 06:03 AM
Global warming is real - it has been happening the last 20,000 years. All these clowns in Copenhagen are frauds and are trying to burden us with the biggest financial scam in world history. Madoff and Worldcom are tiny potatoes compared to these charlatáns.
wsoutherland Avatar
Posted: 12.18.09, 05:39 PM
This is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. The US doesn't owe a single penny to poor and developing countries. In case everyone missed something, we are in the middle of a global economic recession. Who in their right mind gives away money to poor countries when we have our own affairs to deal with? That $100 billion would go a long way towards creating jobs. When people are out of work, nobody cares about climate change.

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