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French President Sarkozy Warns Against Failure at COP15

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COP15: Climate Summit in Copenhagen

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Nicolas Oliva Avatar
Nicolas Oliva
Posted: 03.14.10, 10:25 AM
The translation made me think of the famous "leave britney alone !" internet funny video. Then I watched the image and was surprized to see Mr Sarkozy. I don't trust translator, for it is so easy to give a tone or to simply fraud the translation. But even if the translation is true, don't worry he talks a lot but acts much less.
wsoutherland Avatar
Posted: 12.20.09, 01:56 AM
How dare you spend the hard earned money of the American people on countries that deserve nothing? What right do they have to our pocket books? Just by being poor and pathetic, because you have no natural resources you can somehow lay claim to our treasury? How easily people spend money that isn't theirs to spend. How quickly they are willing to flush it down the toilet that is Africa and the rest of the third world. Go back home and waste the money of your own French citizens. As if anyone truly cares what the French President says or thinks anyway. Maybe try selling this crap to us when we aren't in a global recession.