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President Hugo Chavez Lambasts Capitalism at COP15

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COP15: Climate Summit in Copenhagen

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Previous FORAtv comments:
Ozipop Avatar
Posted: 02.13.10, 06:48 PM
My question is: how can he call himself a communist when he's a Catholic? 16:45 So why not immigrate...and stop having so many babies that you can't feed anyway? 17:45 HAHAHA it couldn't be that the geography and economies of these places are shit, now, could it. 18:25 This asshole obviously has not familiarized himself with Darwin's opinions on society or with the theory of kin selection. 18:45 Freedom of Ignorance? 19:05 Oh see this guy can't even conceive of people acting on moral principles without making it a written law. Shallow indeed. 23:00 Well we can agree on humanism and socialism. Just leave the other bullshit (about 90% of everything else you said) and we have a deal! 23:30 calling people to fight an invisible enemy is a favorite tactic of extremists and fundamentalists. 25:00 I do appreciate the fact that he's making the US President put Religion on the table. If I thought these were more reasonable people I would think they might come to some interesting conclusions upon examining the full context of these quotes.
Milgu Avatar
Posted: 01.16.10, 05:28 AM
Go Hugo! Right on, this is a rare polititian, he tells it like it is. A system built on ever increasing consumption and selfishness is not sustainable or just.
Panurge Avatar
Posted: 01.07.10, 09:21 PM
Mark, I appreciate your comments & your thoughtfulness toward Dforce. You're a better man than me. My immediate wish for Dforce is that his mother would run out from under the porch & bite him on the ankle. I know. That wasn't nice. Still, you're a thoughtful person-- not a moron. Chavez is a thief & hardly worth consideration. This speech of his is nothing more than extemporaneous prattle. All his yammering proves is that he has succumbed to climate change psychosis. Keep on thinking free, Friend.
Mark Sullivan Avatar
Mark Sullivan
Posted: 01.06.10, 08:44 PM
Dforce, Do you truly believe it is just or moral for the State to confiscate the hard earned wealth of one human being through the coercive power of that State and give that money to another citizen to whom it does not belong? Which wealthy Americans got Government bailouts? Name one. I would also like someone to offer an explanation of "consumerism." I have come to believe that when someone uses this term in a perjorative sense, they are stating a belief that Americans spend their money on things that these other people believe Americans should not spend their money on. What business is it of other people what I spend my money on?
Dforce Avatar
Posted: 01.04.10, 09:59 AM
The only "vile bastard" on this page is you mark sullivan;Chavez has re-distributed money from the wealthy to the poor;Unlike in the "democratic" one party USA where the wealthy enjoy govnt bail outs & everyone else goes down the pan;Wake up moron!
mpauladelvalle Avatar
Posted: 12.31.09, 05:02 AM
HE (like our present leaders in Argentina) WANT TO BE THE "THE NEW CAPITALISM"
arturbarrera Avatar
Posted: 12.30.09, 08:42 AM
I think it is not the best example to represent Copenhagen, read this: For banks The revolution and its more mellow style of capitalism. A concert of symphonies. Centrifugal and centripetal forces collapsed a bubbly pop the cork flew out. Include: Senior Government Officials and Former Officials. Blood brothers. State Agencies. National Treasury. Superintendency of Banks and Insurance. State Banks. The so-called Private Bank handled people's valid National Government, The Chavobankers. "Savior of the coup of April of 2002". Instruments: Debt purchased from other governments, billionarires public deposits placement. Managements of official dollar exchange rate to the dollar black market. Public insurance policies, bonds and Papers of the State. Came into play from food to racehorses. It's the history's summary of the Dealer and the four Kings's deck. The PDVSAgate. An exchange rate differential that generate a profit of 3,500 Bolivars per dollar. With a placement of $10,000 billon in structured notes was a net gain of $1,500 billion for financial operators and their government protectors. Neither Lehman Brothers nor Bernie Madoff had the audacity to these bare feet of billionaires overnight. Chavez's government changes the dictatorship of the proletariat by the dictatorship of money. See the corrup money trail of Chavocracy. chavoboligarchs, public funds, bank losses I remid him, that his glory and power is ephemeral. His ira and superb, two of the seven deadly sins. That his life is a tragedy because America is ungovernable; those who served the revolution* have plowed the sea. And I remind him, two of the Ten Commandments "I am the LORD you God" "You shall don't bear false witness against your neighbor". *In Latinoamerica, Simón Bolívar. My contribution to the King and the Lords of the financial revolution in Venezuela. For China and others: Chavez and Evo Morales defended his Oils and Gas in Copenhagen. castro and China defended its interest than they have on these countries. Venezuela is the largest energy consumer and emitter of greenhouses gases per person per year above Argentina, mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Chile and Peru. Source: CEPAL. Behind the ecenes in Copenhagen look 1.- More oil to China Venezuela and China signed a package of 15 cooperation agreements. Foremost among them were the exploration of new oil reserves and the increase of exports to the Asian power to more than 600,000 barrels per day, from 2010. "We will get one million soon," Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez said. He added that shipments will increase regularly by 130,000 barrels from current sales (500,000 barrels). "All the oil needed by China for its development, for its momentum, might be everywhere in the world, but especially here, in Venezuela. Therefore, it is important to speed up the agreements," Chávez noted. In a ceremony led by Chávez and Zhang Ping, the Chinese Minister of Economy and Planning, government officials from the two countries agreed to build a refinery in the state of Guárico and the development of Boyaca 3 oil block at the Orinoco oil belt, a very rich deposit of oil with an area of 21,357 square miles. In the oil sector, the parties are discussing a plan to develop the Junin 4 block, at the Orinoco belt, that could eventually produce 400,000 bpd with Chinese investments estimated at USD 16 billion. and Cuba look Chávez entrusts Fidel Castro with purchase of medical equipment An editorial written by the Cuban leader confirms that Castro was in charge of the operation POLITICS President Hugo Chávez's government delegated duties established in the Venezuelan Constitution and laws, and assigned Cuba the responsibility of purchasing medical equipment for Venezuela's public health network. The bidding process based on technical requirements established by a team of experts with the Ministry of Health was abruptly halted in 2006 by President Hugo Chávez, who gave entrusted then Cuban President Fidel Castro with such responsibility. Evidence of such move is found in two editorials written by the Cuban leader, dated July 14, 2007 and September 7, 2009. In both editorials, Castro claimed that Dutch company Philips breached an agreement with Cuba to supply medical equipment and spare parts to Cuba and Venezuela. "President Hugo Chavez, who was pleased with the work carried out by the first contingents that traveled to Venezuela to work in the 'Barrio Adentro' program (designed to take medical assistance to the poor urban and agricultural regions in the country), asked us to create a program that could benefit all sectors of the Venezuelan people. Thus, the High-Tech Diagnostic Centers were founded," said Castro in his editorial. The High-Tech Diagnostic Centers "were intended to supplement the 600 Comprehensive Diagnostic Centers that, as polyclinics providing a broad range of services, with their laboratories and equipment, were supporting the work of the 'Barrio Adentro' doctors' offices," said Castro in his column Reflections by Comrade Fidel published in the Granma newspaper. In the editorial, the Cuban leader adds that he personally participated in the purchase for Cuba and Venezuela of 3,553 medical equipments manufactured by Philips and Siemens, for a total of USD 72,762,694. The funds were provided by Caracas.
marcomauas Avatar
Posted: 12.30.09, 05:58 AM
And who is to blame for capitalism, Mr Chavez? Marx believed that we have to "act"--"revolution", he said, after his genial diagnosis of capitalism. But this proved to be nothing more than a "passage a l'acte" as Jacque Lacan very precisely says. Mr Chavez is one of those "socialists" which think they have to push the others to act. Nothing more delusional and more dangerous.
Mark Sullivan Avatar
Mark Sullivan
Posted: 12.26.09, 04:44 PM
What I find offensive about his speech is that he is a propagandist of the first order. Remember, this speech is given at a Climate Conference. Referring to capitalism as a ghost is silly. His claim that Obama is sending 30,000 more troups to "kill innocent people in Afghanistan" is absurd. His is a tired, thoroughly discredited argument. His quoting Kempf (sp?) in "knocking the rich down a few notches" (what does he mean?), is frightening. Stalin would be proud. Who will do this "knocking down?" Are we to return to a primitive dark ages? What are this man's solutions, other than tyranny over his people? I am always surprised that people still support collectivisms like socialism and communism. They have been so thoroughly discredited and have lead to the deaths of more innocent souls and more human misery and more ecological devastation than capitalism ever will. Just as the notion that the world is flat or that spontaneous generation of maggots in a sealed jar were proved false, so should collectivist ideas and their potential to create a utopia be mere memories that we chuckle about and shake our heads that we could have been so stupid to believe in them. The poor countries Chavez claims to care about and quotes statistics about ARE NOT capitalist countries. They are dictatorships - corrupt, collectivist societies, where a promised utopia is just out of the grasp of the evil strong men who keep promising it and blame the United States and other free societies to keep themselves in power. Is the quality of life for the average citizen better in the United States or Venezuela? Is an individual more free to pursue happiness in the United States or Venezuela? The President of the United States earns about $400,000 per year. What is Mr. Chavez's salary? Does he protect free speech? Free press? Freedom of association?
Ian Rudd Avatar
Ian Rudd
Posted: 12.25.09, 10:00 AM
mpaul... What on earth are you babbling about? Do you have some evidence for your accusations? If Chavez is a dictator he is certainly a benign one and I would much rather the US be in the charge of one such as he than the currupted political establishment it currently has. America is now fighting wars in four countries that I know of (Afghanistan,Iraq, Pakistan and Yemen)and overtly looking for a scrap in a fifth (Iran). No doubt the CIA is looking to undermine regimes in many other countries too if it history of activities in latin America is anything to go by. Fortunately I am not American so I don't have to live with it self-imposed problems on a daily basis.