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Porn, Peep Shows and Public Space

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Dahlia Avatar
Posted: 02.27.11, 10:56 PM
she didn't get 'angry' at all, i read the comments before we got that far and was expecting something dramatic--she was completely reasonable! it was a fair question, but if someone really believes they have an 'addiction' (which i assume is possible in some sense at least), then as she said there are resources available to help them address it.
RMaxwell Avatar
Posted: 08.18.10, 12:24 PM
It could be that some people are involved in a mismatched relationship. If you blame porn for problems with a partner, your with the wrong partner.
SueM Avatar
Posted: 03.02.10, 03:01 PM
I found her anger a bit much myself, but I think it comes from the fact that calling someone an addict can be a way to pathologize forms of sexual expression which fall outside the desired norm. I tend to believe that the idea of having sex addiction, as well as other non-substance addictions like internet addiction, is a useful model for dealing with these problems, but is not a label that is ought to be applied by people not dealing with the problems themselves, as it can be used as a tool of oppression.
dbmcvey Avatar
Posted: 02.22.10, 04:15 PM
There are many people--including addiction experts who don't believe that sex and/or pornography addictions are real. As with many things considered "addictions" that don't have an actual, physical addictive component these behaviors are often just behaviors that the majority doesn't approve of.
Hainan1 Avatar
Posted: 02.05.10, 01:01 AM
I'm afraid I didn't understand what she was saying. What is a "an almost surrealist juxtaposition"? So many superlatives for the people who agree with them! The high moment of the 60's was the 1963 March on Washington, not the "peep shows" of Times Square in the late 60's. What "intellectual BS." Everyone is "incredible." James Madison! Now he was incredible. He used his brain. Ah, but you might say he was not into "the arts." FORA TV is usually "FABULOUS." But not here.
lordzombie Avatar
Posted: 02.03.10, 12:01 PM
wish the images accompanying the talk were available somewhere!
dlauf87 Avatar
Posted: 01.11.10, 05:23 PM
I agree. You don't have to be super-religious for pornography to be a stumbling block in a relationship. A lot of women are not comfortable with it. I'm sure she would justify that somehow, imposing her world view on others, saying those women are the ones with the problem. The reality is that the entire industry is disgusting. I'm a libertarian and don't want to regulate it too heavily, but people need to quit pretending everything is good and moral.
Jaya Avatar
Posted: 01.05.10, 07:29 PM
Why did the moderator get annoyed with Question 5? She gave the impression that porn addiction is a notion and does not lead to any dysfunctionality and suggested to the person that he go for 'Christian' counselling where he will be 'subjected ' to Biblical quotes to overcome his obsession. Seemed like she momentarily ( ?) lost her sense of balance and objectivity.