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Schwarzenegger: Local Governments Can Lead Climate Fight

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COP15: Climate Summit in Copenhagen

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Mark Sullivan Avatar
Mark Sullivan
Posted: 09.13.10, 10:31 PM
Marcosss, Let me repeat - CALIFORNIA IS BROKE!!!! Even if we eliminated California's C02 emissions completely, the climate would not change one iota, but society would collapse. The fact that an Oxford study claims too many people are alive does not mean it is true. How could they have possibly controlled for the unlimited variables to arrive at a statement like this? Why on earth would any thinking person believe it? 3.5 billion of which people? The people in Africa, lighting their huts, and cooking by burning dung? Or perhaps like the people in Israel, who are at the forefront of non-fossil fuel run automobiles and energy? Or the people in China - growing their economy like a weed with no signs of slowing? Or the people in Western Europe - with declining populations, massive immigration from 3rd world Muslim countries and destined for societal collapse? California fancies itself as the leader of our country, but it is broke, under tremendous pressure from its fiscal irresponsibility and corrupt government and its abysmal public education system. It is not capable of doing anything that Arnold suggests, unless private enterprise is allowed to do it without government intrusion or meddling.
Marcosss Avatar
Posted: 06.16.10, 03:29 PM
To say that climate change is a lie is plainly stupid, at the very least Arnold is making an attempt to take positive steps to improve the situation. The fact of the matter & crux of the problem is that there are to many people on this planet. A study carried out by Oxford stated that the earth could sustain 3.5 billion humans with a neutral impact on its eco system. The worlds current population is around 7 billion & growing, the natural eco system, the forests, grasslands & the oceans are in being exploited like never before. These people are trying to fix only one part of the problem, but at least they're having a go. I believe that the two contributors above my post completely miss the point of the speech & have stated their petty personal views by attacking the speaker.
seanogue Avatar
Posted: 04.21.10, 05:55 AM
Arnie is a consummate liar and an idiot beyond all doubt..he knows not what he does. If you're lying we'll be back. He is reading from idiot boards when he gives a speech, which is appropriate in his case. He's a body builder not a political scientist. What does he really know????
StephanieS Avatar
Posted: 12.30.09, 09:48 AM
StephanieS Avatar
Posted: 12.30.09, 09:47 AM
Mr. Schwarzenegger is so stupid (please stop at once to breath out your "toxin" CO2) The trace gas CO2 has increased in the last 100 years form 0.030% to 0.038% WOW!!! Scaremongering at its best from "The Church of Global Warming" from its pastor Al Gore
Mark Sullivan Avatar
Mark Sullivan
Posted: 12.18.09, 09:07 AM
It's refreshing to see a speech from someone at Copenhagen that didn't spend his time bashing capitalism and the United States. A few points: Until oil reaches and stays $100+ per barrel, wind, solar, etc., will never grow. For the next 50+ years, we will be living in a petroleum products fueled world. All of these "green" projects have required, require now and will require government subsidy to exist. If their future was so bright, why haven't resources poured into them? With subsidies, politically engaged "green" corporations and interest groups are paid off, but the taxpayer pays twice for an inefficient use of its resources. Energy is not renewable. I believe this is one of the laws of thermodynamics. Denmark and other European nations have much bigger threats than "climate change." Theo Van Gogh's murder was a mere hint at Europe's next 50 years. Municipalities, states and countries have NO MONEY!! Every nation, with few exceptions, has serious fiscal problems. As a California resident, I see it first hand. We are broke. Just wait until we default on our GOBs. "Climate Change" would move to the bottom of our list in a hurry, which is where it belongs any way. I would take Arnold's idea even further - individuals' behavior is not dependent on government action of any kind. In fact, the more governments get involved in yet another "Save the World from Doom" scheme, the more time, energy, money and effort will be wasted and the problem will not be solved. Do I need to bring up the United States' 60+ year old "War on Poverty," "Drug War," or the United Nations' efforts to assist Africa? The only thing more arrogant than believeing man can warm the earth's climate is thinking we can cool it. Does anyone really believe that if the climate could be changed by simply pumping some CO2 (which is essential for life, acts as a fertilizer for plants and is NOT a pollutant), that this knowledge would not have been used for military purposes? Copenhagen is a sham.
Richard Guy Avatar
Richard Guy
Posted: 12.18.09, 05:04 AM
Global Warming is in fact a reality. The problem is that the forecast of sea level rise is contrived to terrorise. Small Island states will be induced to borrow billions to shore up coastal defenses. The fact is that sea levels are not rising. The truth is that they will not rise if all the Ice Caps melt: and they will not. The sea level forecast is based on a dated misconception called Isostatic Rebound. This flawed theory has been Geological ideology for nearly 200 years. The fact is that Isostatic Rebound is a falsity. The theory is based on an original misconception based on a constant sea level. Lyell a nineteenth century Geologist came up with the concept that the land mass was rising from the sea. He later influenced Darwin the naturalist who adopted his belief that the land was rising from the sea. That original misconception has come down to us in Geology as Isostatic Rebound. The observations of Lyell and Darwin were misconceptions for the land is not rising:the sea that is receding. SO when Global Warming Terrorists scare us about rising seas they too are laboring under the dated concept of Isostatic Rebound. They still think that sea level is a constant and will rise with the water from Ice and Polar melt. That is the failure of sea level rise forcasters. The truth is that seas are constantly receding. See or email: or Tel: 347-275-5616 for speaking engagements. I am trying to prevent poor nations from borrowing funds to build coastal defenses against rising seas; seas will not rise. Their money is better spent on education, social programs and infra-structure. I hope they listen. Richard Guy
Richard Guy Avatar
Richard Guy
Posted: 12.17.09, 09:33 PM
All the speakers speak from their heart. They reiterate what they have been told by the experts. They all have a responsibility to their respective countries to act on Climate change. They cannot afford apathy. Where I have a problem with the Climate Change debate is rising sea levels. Something has to be done to stem the hysteria of rising sea levels because it will not happen. Global Warming is a fact of life we can see and feel it all around. It will make polar ice and glaciers melt but there I draw the line. The melt will not raise sea levels because sea levels are already in retreat worldwide. The scientists who expound on sea level rise are subject to a historical geological illusion of sea level datum. They all believe the sea level is constant. Two hundred years ago this same illusion fooled Lyell and Darwin and Geologists are still being fooled by it today. The truth is that sea levels are not and will not rise; sea levels have been receding. Isostatic Rebound has stifled geology for two hundred years. The theory was based on misconceptions. First it was Lyell and then Darwin his disciple. Once we accept that seas are receding the Global Warming proponents can no longer terrorise us. The wind will have been taken out of their sails. See or email or Tel: 347-275-5616. My greater concern is that poor nations will go to the World Bank and the IMF to borrow money to fund coastal defense projects to stave off the disaster of rising seas which in a few years will prove to be a non event. The damage will however be done. They will have squandered funds that could better be used for education, social programs and infra-structure. I dont want this to happen. Anything I can do to get scientists to look at sea level recession I will do. Geologists will have to get rid of the Isostatic Rebound theory by proving that sea levels are falling. Richard Guy
J Patrick McCabe Avatar
J Patrick McCabe
Posted: 12.16.09, 11:06 PM
Governor Arnold does a great job of framing the importance of the Copenhagen Summit. In doing so he invigorates with his strong language and enthusiasm. Just the fact that the summit is taking place shows success, the success of an international community raised in consciousness and prepared to take action.